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Auto Rikshaws ferrying School kids on strike for 3 days

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The RTO and police began the crackdown on vehicles transporting students to school, a day after three students fell down from a moving Auto rikshaw.

The Traffic police has taken this issue seriously and has been imposing fines on such autos which are flouting rules of not carrying more than 6 students.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday the Autos ferrying school children will not ferry children as a protest.

The school “Autowala” is an official entity and so is the gross violation of a dozen traffic rules and common sense. (max 6 children can be in an auto)

auto-kids-schoolIt is actually really difficult to spot this trusted driver till he gets to his duty of taking the kids out of the auto and ushering them to school, all neat and trim in their well ironed and conspicuous uniforms. This age old contraption which continues to be a major means of transport has evolved with age to imitate its larger peers who carry so much load that anyone around is scared that the centre of gravity will falter into a herculean fall.

The auto drivers say they can’t survive if they have to ferry only 6 children as then the parents will have to shell out more than double as to what they are paying now. Normally the rates now are 300-600 depending upon the distance to the school.

The auto drivers say they shell out around 15000 only for the paper and documentation and permits and if there is any delay again fines are imposed.

The auto drivers also plan to submit a memorandum to the DC.

4 thoughts on “Auto Rikshaws ferrying School kids on strike for 3 days”

  1. Autos Ferrying Kids should not go on strike.

    The Authorities should be strict and have a limit on the
    number of kids per auto.

    However the RTO and Police authoritative should not take
    law into their own hands unless the Autos go beyond alimit
    prescribed .

  2. Guys overload, over speed, fill kids like cattle and want to go on strike when asked to follow rules….ridiculous !

  3. Cops and those in charge stand strong and firm. These HOODLUMS already make the desperate public dance to their tunes. They should NOT be allowed to get their way with this strike. Agreed not all auto drivers are bad. But all it takes are a few rotten apples to spoil the bunch. And if that means ALL are reprimanded to save the bigger picture, the kids and general public on the road, then so be it.

    RTO and police do take the law into your own hands. Because up until now the auto dacoits have been doing so without respite.

    Stay blessed ?

  4. The Belgaum AUTO drivers are like Gundas supported by politicians. They always win against the law even though they are breaking rules and regulations. Now the Govt. should take strict action against them and make them follow the rules.


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