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Belagavi Smart City project report card June 2019

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The Smart City proposal has been developed by dividing it into two parts –

1) Area Based (Area Based) Development as well  2) Pan City Development

The scheme is intended to be utilized as follows. :

Smart City Fund – Rs 1000 crores

Central government share – 50 % 

State Government share – 50 %

Total PPP projects worth Rs 395.61 crore

Convergence of Rs.1434.39 crores with various departmental schemes

Works have been undertaken and work in progress

1) Command and Control Center – Rs. 80.15 crores

2) Heritage Park at Vaccine Depot

Garden Development – 1 & 2 – Rs.22.82 crores

3) Main roads of about 41.45 km of the city

Building as smart roads (concrete roads, sewer lines, Pavement, Cycle Track (Path) Underground, junction development etc.) Rs. 281.98 crores

4) Multi-Purpose Commerce in Kalamandir Tilakwadi Complex construction costing Rs. 47.5 crores

smart city congress roadbill boards smart citystray cattle rehab center smart citybus shelter smart citysamrt2water kiosks5) Underground for a total length of 182 km in Belagavi city LED electric cable and decorative street lamp Implementation Rs.23.00 crores

6) Development of Parks – Rs.3.91 crores

7) City Bus Station and Railway Station Bus Stand

Construction and construction of bus shelters worth Rs. 44.50 crores

8) 30 beds at Vantamuri Primary Health Center

Maternity Hospital – Rs 2.75 crore

9) Trauma center at the Belagavi Institute of Medical Sciences (BIMS)

Construction of Center – Rs. 3.00 crores

10) Installation of rainwater harvesting unit. Rs. 0.10 crores

11) Smart Classroom (1st to 10th standard)

Laboratory equipment Rs. 5.03 crores

12) Construction of Mahatma Phule Park 2.85 crores

13) Implementation of Traffic Signal and Digital Board Rs

14) Kanabarigi Lake Development – Rs. 5.00 crores

15) Livestock Rehabilitation Center – Rs. 0.74 crores

16) Battery Operated Auto rickshaw – Rs 1.05 Crores


Total Rs. 568.00 crores

Tenders for Rs 232.00 crore in the pipeline

1) Heritage Park at Vaccine Depot (Heritage Park)

Development Phase-3 – Rs.3.18 crores

2) The main roads in the city are about 29.51 km

Construction of roads (concrete, sewer, pavement, Cycle Track (Path) Underground, Utility Ducts, Junction Development etc.) – Rs. 162.72 crores

3) Underground LT line conversion for a total length of 183 km in the city

and decorated street lamp Implementation – Rs 55.88 crores

4) Development of Parks – Rs. 5.29 crores

5) Construction of 10 Bed Maternity Hospital in Vadgaonv – Rs.2.25 crores

6) Installation of rain water harvesting unit. Rs. 0.90 crores

7) Kotekere Development – Rs. 8.00 crores

8) From National Highway No.4 to Central Bus Stand

Flyover Construction Rs. 100.00 crores

9) Art Gallery and Science Park in Mahantesh Nagar– Rs 14 Crores

10) Livestock Rehabilitation Center – Rs 0.26 crore


Total Rs. 232.00 crores

Preparation of comprehensive report – 173.77 crores

1) Planting in urban area – Rs. 3.29 crores

2) Underground power cable and decorated Street lamp installation – Rs 12.58 crores

3) Fortress and Trench Development – Rs. 25.00 crores

4) Art Gallery in Mahantesh Nagar Construction of Science Park (Science Park) Rs

5) Rain Water Harvesting System – Rs 14 Crores

6) Kotekere Development – Rs. 8.00 crores

7) From National Highway No.4 to Central Bus Stand

Construction of flyover – Rs. 100.00 crores

8) Development of Vehicle Transport and Street Trade Sector.10.00 crore                                 Total Rs. 173.77 crores

Works in the conceptual stage

1) ICT Stage-2 Rs.17.08 crores

Public and Private Partnerships

1) Near Dharamnath Bhawan at CCB open space

(In PPP model) Rs.148.00 crores

2) Open space behind Bal Bhavan Mahantesh Nagar

Rs. 29.00 crores – (PPP model)

3) At Open space near Tilakawadi 1st Gate –

(In PPP model) Rs 43.00 crores

4) L, E.D. bulb for streetlights for energy efficiency Implementation Rs 64.00 crore

Works Completed – 6 – Rs. 4.53 Crores
Work in Progress – 33 – Rs. 568.09 Crores
Tenders Called for – 29 – Rs. 232.02 Crores
DPR stage – 11- 173.77 Crores
Planning stage – 1 – 17.08 Crores

A total of 16 works worth Rs.78.11 crore will be completed in the next three months.

A total of 06 works worth Rs 226.50 crore will be completed in the next six months.

A total of 06 works of Rs 124.74 crore will be completed in the next 9 months.

A total of 05 works worth Rs.138.74 crore will be completed in the next 12 months.

All pending works will be completed by the end of 2020.

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  1. Development is not to cut trees, widening roads and putting decorative street lamps.
    Decorate the city with plants and trees. Plan for Green City also.

  2. Traffic management, vehicle parking, garbage collection and water drainage are some other aspects that need attention.


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