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Belagavi Airport Records Impressive 23% Surge in May Passenger Traffic

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According to the recently released numbers by the Airports Authority of India, Belagavi Airport has witnessed a remarkable surge in passenger traffic during the month of May.

Regarding passenger numbers, there has been an impressive 23.15% increase compared to the previous month.

In April, the airport recorded a total of 18,922 passengers. However, in May, the number rose significantly, with a footfall of approximately 23,304 passengers. That’s an additional 4,382 passengers who traveled through Belagavi airport in just one month.

In May 2023, there were a total of 538 aircraft movements at Belagavi airport.

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This surge in passenger traffic is a testament to the airport’s growing popularity and the increasing connectivity it offers travelers. With the rise in passenger numbers, the airport has also experienced a notable increase in aircraft movements.

The airport’s vibrant atmosphere, efficient services, and enhanced connectivity have contributed to this positive growth.

As Belagavi Airport continues to witness a remarkable surge in passenger traffic, it solidifies its position as a critical gateway for travelers in the region.

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  1. But inspite of so much encouraging figures from the Airports, there still isn’t any encouragement given to Belagavi, Atleast if the cancelled flights by Spice Jet, Indigo etc are restarted then definitely Belagavi will show still more magical increase in Air traffic movement, especially Delhi flight has to be started with immediate effect.


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