Belagavi Entrepreneurs Summit on 23-24 June

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India is currently the fastest-growing economy in the world, with a massive growth vision. To achieve this ambitious goal, every region, city, and individual has a significant role to play, including Belagavi.

Belagavi has always been a prime example of entrepreneurship and will continue to play a crucial role in India’s growth in the coming years. To consolidate global and local efforts and drive exponential growth, Belagavi Venture Capitals are pleased to bring together thought leaders and entrepreneurs from the Belagavi district to share their success stories at the Belagavi Entrepreneurs Summit on June 23rd and 24th at the Vishweshwara Technical University campus Belagavi.

The summit will discuss growth potential, identify areas of interest, and create an ecosystem that can nurture new entrepreneurs to succeed in this growth market. The Vishweshwara Technical University, a crown jewel of Belagavi District, will provide a wonderful ambiance of learning, dreaming, and visioning for this inspiring event.

Belagavi Venture Capitals invite all the people of Belagavi to support us in making this dream a reality. Coming together with like-minded individuals will be key to the success of this event. Creating local jobs will reduce the brain drain from the Belagavi ecosystem, help the local economy grow, and improve the standards of living for the entire Belagavi population.

This is the first event of its kind where entrepreneurs from across the Belagavi district will come together to share their experiences and ideas. Join us at the Belagavi Entrepreneurs Summit and be a part of this exciting opportunity to drive growth and success in the region.

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There will 2 sets of participants

1. Budding Entrepreneurs.

2. Entrepreneurs.

● Entrepreneurs from 15 talukas of Belagavi district will be a part of this summit including SHG, JLG and Grah Udyami.

● There will be 2 budding entrepreneurs from each college who will be a part of the design thinking workshop on problem identification.

● Entrepreneurs from Handlooms, Handcraft, FPO’s, FinTech, Manufacturing, and Food processing industries will also be part of this summit.

● This is an effort to bring all district entrepreneurs to share, learn and grow together.

● We are inviting some startups which are in the ideas stage, prototype stage & early market stage startups from Belagavi, Goa, and Maharashtra to meet investors and industry experts.

Objectives of the Summit:

● Every entrepreneur needs a little help in getting their idea off the ground. Whether it’s funding, advice, or support from peers and mentors but many people will not get success because of not having access to the right resources, that’s the reason we are organizing Belagavi Entrepreneurs Summit – 2023

● This two-day event aims to connect local entrepreneurs with industry veterans, potential investors, and other influential people in the community.

● Create a platform to network and extend the business to new dimensions.

● We want to create a platform that acts as a one-stop solution for all entrepreneurs to meet mentors and prospective investors, and this platform will support all WH questions of Belagavi district entrepreneurs.

What you can expect:

● 10+ Panel Discussion.

● Innovation Challenge for Students and Startup Challenge for non-students.

● Stalls for Product Exhibition.

● Networking with like-minded people.

● Meet the investors, mentors and industry leaders. Expecting your rich participation with support for Belagavi Entrepreneurs Summit- 2023.

For more details log on to and Reach out to Mr. Santosh Ittanagi at 725-931-8233 for any further information.

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