Belagavi Ganeshotsava Preparatory meet

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Belagavi District in-charge minister Satish Jarakiholi has directed officials to ensure that all necessary arrangements are made for the grand celebration of Ganeshotsav in Belagavi city. He emphasized that festival Mandals should be granted permission promptly through the Single Window Yojana.

During the preliminary meeting held on Monday (August 7) at the Municipal Corporation Hall, Minister Jarakiholi expressed his commitment to ensuring a vibrant and memorable Ganeshotsava.

At the government level, efforts will be made to provide electricity at discounted rates to Ganeshutsava boards. Minister Jarakiholi urged individuals to report any issues they encounter to the authorities, assuring them that prompt action would be taken to address their concerns.

Furthermore, Minister Jarakiholi kindly requested the Ganeshotsav Mandali to actively participate in the procession at the designated time and cooperate in the smooth dissolution of the event.

With these instructions in place, the stage is set for an exciting and successful Ganeshotsava celebration in Belagavi city.

Preparations for the annual Ganeshotsava celebration are well underway, as is the norm. Various tasks such as pothole repairs, road maintenance, power line clearance, and police security are being diligently carried out. These essential measures are being taken to ensure a smooth and safe event.

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Satish Jarakiholi, in his statement, emphasized the need for additional women’s toilets to accommodate the female attendees who come to witness the grand procession. This thoughtful suggestion aims to enhance the convenience and comfort of all participants.

Ashok Dudgunti, the Commissioner City Corporation, expressed his commitment to ensuring a joyous and well-organized Ganeshotsava celebration, just as it has been done in previous years. He emphasized the importance of meticulous planning and execution to maintain the festive spirit and cleanliness of the event.

During the meeting, DC Belagavi Nitesh Patil announced that a generous grant of one crore rupees has been secured to ensure the smooth execution of Ganeshotsava. Additionally, he mentioned the implementation of a single window system for issuing licenses, streamlining the process and making it more efficient.

Arrangements are currently underway at eight police stations to streamline the process of issuing licenses to Ganeshotsav mandals. The DC has announced plans to construct a spacious gallery to enhance the viewing experience of the procession.

Nitesh Patil has emphasized the importance of inspecting the procession route and implementing necessary measures, such as installing additional CCTV cameras, to ensure a smooth and seamless event.

Vikas Kalghatgi, a representative of the Ganeshotsava mahamandal office, has highlighted that 378 Ganeshotsava mandals in the city are in the process of installing Ganesha idols. Consequently, he has proposed that a discount be provided on electricity bills. The district in-charge has appealed to the minister, urging the government to consider waiving the entire bill if feasible.

To facilitate the immersion Ganesha idols, arrangements will be made for a well. Additionally, urgent steps have been requested to repair the electric lights added Netaji Jadhav.

During the meeting, Ramakant Konduskar expressed the need for simplifying the license system and providing free electricity. Several dignitaries who attended the meeting were urged to take necessary actions to organize the Belagavi Ganeshotsava procession on par with the grandeur of Mysore Dussehra. Requests were made for road repairs, installation of electric lights, repair of downed power lines, and additional tank arrangements for Ganesha discharge.

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