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Bhoomi Puja for 220 KV power substation costing 250 crores at Macche

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Belagavi city is rapidly developing in the state, encompassing various sectors such as industry and housing. Minister Satish Jarakiholi, in charge of the public works department and Belagavi district, emphasized the government’s commitment to providing essential infrastructure, including water and electricity.

On Monday, Bhoomi puja for a 220 KV power distribution substation was held at Macche, at a cost of 260 crore rupees.

Minister Jarakiholi expressed these sentiments during the Bhumi Puja ceremony, which marked the beginning of the construction work for the power distribution center and multiple power transmission lines.

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The development of Belagavi is a comprehensive endeavor that includes the establishment of an International Airport. Minister Jarakiholi stressed the importance of setting aside partisan differences and working together to achieve this goal. He assured the public that the government would provide all necessary assistance in this regard.

The installation of a new power station, catering to the demands of industrialists in the area, is currently underway. This center will prove beneficial as industries require a consistent and high-quality power supply. Minister Jarakiholi urged for the swift completion of this project, emphasizing the need to provide electricity to the industries.

The ongoing construction of the power distribution center will accommodate a 220 KV capacity, with plans for a long multiple transmission line spanning 39 km. This project, costing Rs 250 crore, will facilitate the provision of reliable electricity to the industries in this region.

MLA Abhay Patil, speaking on the matter, highlighted the positive impact the construction of this power station will have on the industries. He emphasized that it will provide a significant boost to their operations.

Furthermore, there are plans to establish a 400 KV power station in the near future. The identification of suitable land for this project is currently underway, and there is optimism that it will be implemented by this Government.

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