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Belagavi in UDAN 3 now the onus on Airline operators to bid for Routes

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The updated RCS document of October has a mention of Belagavi and hence it is clear that IXG has been included in the UDAN 3.0.

Immediately the Ministry of Civil Aviation has notified Regional Connectivity Scheme, October-2018. Accordingly, Airports Authority of India (AAI), Implementation Agency on behalf of Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) has invited interested bidder for the submission of Initial Proposals for RCS routes /networks assessed and proposed by them, thereafter, Counter Proposals for the RCS routes/networks received & identified in initial proposals, in accordance with the Notice Inviting e-Proposals (NIe-P) and the Scheme.

Now the onus lies on the Airline operators to bid for routes and the bidding process began from 2-11-2018 and selected airline operator would be made public on 07-01-2019.

The Scheme envisages a market-based mechanism for selection of an airline operator to operate on an RCS Route or a network, wherein the Initial Proposal and counter proposal(s) will be evaluated as per the mechanism presented herein. Pursuant to such evaluation of proposals, a Selected Airline Operator will be identified and the Implementing Agency will enter into a three (3) year agreement with the Selected Airline Operator for operations on the RCS Route (“Selected Airline Operator Agreement”).

rcs-ixgThe document also makes a mention of List of routes proposed by the Ministry of Tourism that qualify as RCS Routes. But Belagavi hasn’t been included in any such specific routes and hence the citizens will have to come together again and inform the airline operators as to which routes would be feasible and are in huge demand.

Routes that the airlines will think of include Tirupati, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Mangaluru, Ahmedabad, Shirdi.

Belagavi Airport is going to Install “ILS, Instrument Landing System” which will give extra priority and safe operation to the Aircraft form this airport.

Hence the battle may be a half won, and now it all goes down to which Airline operator will bid for which route.

15 thoughts on “Belagavi in UDAN 3 now the onus on Airline operators to bid for Routes”

  1. Though mumbai Belgaum route is quite profitable.The constraint is lack of capacity and availability of Slots at the Mumbai Airport.The operators will have to trade their existing slot which means that the Mumbai Belgaum has to be more profitable than the route they are giving up.We might not therefore see Mumbai Belgaum on the map for some time .

  2. At last there is a good news which is authentic one. Because of the continuous effort by all the stakeholders of Belagavi success is visible. Where there is a will there is a way and team effort always gives the positive result at the end. Hope such a team effort will continue in future for the development of our beautiful city.
    Congratulations to the Team.

  3. Very Well thought decision . Will make flyers life easy . This is a sign of growth and prosperity for the city . A big thanks to those who were directly or indirectly involved in making this happen .

    • Are you joking? If Belgavi passengers stop the travel from Hubli airport then its huge loss to Hubli. Almost Min.60% load factor coming from Belagavi. So forget about international first let it handle domestic.
      My question is why not Belagavi? North Karnataka does not mean that only Hubli Dharwad. Belagavi also comes under North karnataka and Belagavi has more potential than hubli in every sector. So Belagavi is more deserve city in North karnataka.

  4. We will appreciate the udan scheme like 1) Goa – Belagavi – Delhi ( alternative like Goa express) 2) Goa – Belagavi – mumbai alternative to NH4A) 3) Belagavi -Tirupathi – Chennai ( alternative like haripriya express) 4) Belagavi – Delhi – Varanasi 5) Belagavi – Bengaluru – Madurai (as alternative to tirunaveli exp) 6) Belagavi – Hubli – Vijawada ( two tier cities) 7) Kolhapur – Belagavi -Bengaluru (alternative like NH-48.)


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