Belagavi Ring Road Farmers approach HC again

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Farmers have recently lodged a complaint against the National Highways Authority regarding the ongoing protest against the construction of the ring road, which has been ongoing since last year. In response, five farmers have taken their appeal to the high court, resulting in the suspension of the work on the said ring road.

The National Highways Authority had initially planned to construct the ring road through 32 villages in Belagavi taluka. However, this decision has sparked a relentless battle on both the streets and in the courts, as the farmers fear the loss of their fertile land.


The farmers had previously expressed their objections to the National Highways Authority regarding the ring road. Unfortunately, the authority disregarded their concerns and instead sent a notice to the farmers, informing them of the impending land acquisition. To further complicate matters, the authority issued a notification once again, this time advertising it in Kannada and English newspapers in an attempt to confuse the farmers.

Nevertheless, five determined farmers decided to take their fight to the High Court, filing an appeal against the construction of the ring road. The court heard their case on Thursday (28th) and granted an adjournment to all five farmers.

It has been reported that two farmers from Uchgaon, one from Belgundi, and two from Santibastwad have successfully obtained a stay order. It is worth noting that the farmers had previously obtained a stay order against the construction of the ring road, which forced the National Highways Authority to issue a new notification.

3 thoughts on “Belagavi Ring Road Farmers approach HC again”

  1. Fertile lands should not be used for any other purpose than agriculture. Food is the basic necessity and priority should be given to growing food.

  2. Infrastructure can be constructed on the non fertile lands, ruining fertile lands & creating ring roads is insane, first of all people are moving away from fields due to jobs & other needs – selling their fertile lands.
    How are these officials who don’t understand the necessity of fertile lands & agriculture? Even civil Service cleared DC DMs are shut – shouldnt they object & change the plan?

    Human works day and night for earning money but when they are hungry we cant eat money – we require food only ..
    Farmers been the basic initiator of food & market chain if these types things occur it will not just slag the agriculture part but also lead to inflation..
    Dc, sdms need to be keen in taking fair decisions for public betterment & not be the prey to politicians

  3. Tell the Nhai to complete the six lane road from kakati to belgaum instead of acquiring fertile land. If the road is widened then there is no need for ring road


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