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Belagavi Shakti Police Bike squad mobile numbers


The Belagavi police recently launched the Shakti police Bike squad which can be contacted in case of emergency, and they will respond in lesser time as each police station has been assigned 1-3 bikes.

The enlisted numbers can be contacted under the said police station areas to get faster and swifter reference.

Belagavi Police Shakti Bike Squad
Police Station Shakti 1 Shakti 2 Shakti 3
APMC 9480806339 9480806340
Camp 9480806341 9480806342
Khade Bazar 9480806343 9480806344
Market 9480806345 9480806346 9480806347
Malmaruti 9480806348 9480806349
Shahpur 9480806350 9480806351 9480806352
Tilakwadi 9480806353 9480806354
Udyambag 9480806355
Kakati 9480806336
Rural 9480806356
Marihal 9480806357

shakti police belagavi mobile numbers

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