Belagavi – Shedbal – Belagavi daily Jansadharan Passenger Special

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Shri Suresh Angadi, Hon’ble Minister of State of Railways had advised to run a special train between Belagavi and Shedbal so that people of other parts of Belagavi District could get connected with Belagavi by train and also with Hubballi & Bengaluru by running the special train to suit to the timings of Train No.20653/20654 KSR Bengaluru – Belagavi – KSR Bengaluru Superfast Express.

As per his advice, South Western Railway has decided to run Train No. 06925/06926 Belagavi-Shedbal-Belagavi Daily Jansadharan Passenger Special with effect from 01st January 2020.

Accordingly, Train No. 06925 Belagavi-Shedbal Daily Jansadharan Passenger Special will depart from Belagavi at 07:45 hrs. and reach Shedbal at 10:40 hrs. Enroute the train will arrive/depart Sulebhavi at 08:01/08:02 hrs., Suldhal at 08:10/08:11 hrs., Pachchapur at 08:18/08:19 hrs., Parakanahatti at 08:25/08:26 hrs., Gokak Road at 08:32/08:33 hrs., Ghataprabha at 08:44/08:46 hrs., Bagewadi halt at 08:53/08:54 hrs., Chikkodi Road at 09:02/09:03 hrs., Raybag at 09:14/09:15 hrs., Chinchli at 09:25/09:26 hrs., Kudachi at 09:35/09:36 hrs. and Ugarkhurd at 09:46/09:47 hrs.

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In return direction, Train No. 06926 Shedbal-Belagavi Daily Jansadharan Passenger Special will depart from Shedbal at 14:45 hrs. and reach Belagavi at 18:10 hrs. En route, the train will arrive/depart Ugarkhurd at 14:54/14:55 hrs., Kudachi at 15:04/15:05 hrs., Chinchli at 15:14/15:15 hrs., Raybag at 15:26/15:27 hrs., Chikkodi Road at 15:41/15:42 hrs., Bagewadi halt at 15:52/15:53 hrs., Ghataprabha at 16:04/16:06 hrs., Gokak Road at 16:16/16:17 hrs., Parakanahatti at 16:26/16:27 hrs., Pachchapur at 16:41/16:42 hrs., Suldhal at 16:51/16:52 hrs. and Sulebhavi at 17:09/17:10 hrs.

7 thoughts on “Belagavi – Shedbal – Belagavi daily Jansadharan Passenger Special”

  1. This will be convenient train for people in the district to reach district headquarters. Good job from our minister. Many good initiatives from Suresh Angadiji after becoming minister.
    He can do one more favour to Belgaum by starting one AIR and/or FM radio station in the city. Many smaller cities have radio relay stations. How come Belgaum has been sidelined all these years? Let us all demand radio station for Belgaum. Hope our MP and MLAs will try for this and will give this new year gift to Belgaumites.

  2. I agree with Mr Jinesh Upadhye’s suggestion that the train should be extended up to Miraj where facilities exist for stabling and cleaning of the rakes.

  3. What is the purpose of running this so called janasadharan passenger at 2.45 in the afternoon from shedbal? Actually this train should have started in the morning from shedbal to Belgaum so that people from around the BELGAUM can reach Belgaum,Belgaum being commercially important,for their work.


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