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Belagavi Technology Companies Association Advocates for Crucial IT Park Development

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The Belagavi Technology Companies Association (BETCA) has formally submitted a request to Shri Priyank Kharge, Hon. Electronics, IT and BT Minister of the Government of Karnataka, urging the establishment of a dedicated Information Technology (IT) park near the city of Belagavi. The association, representing a consortium of technology firms in and around the region, has highlighted the significance of this proposal as a long-standing and overdue demand crucial for the progress of the local technology ecosystem.

Belagavi, a burgeoning hub for technology and innovation, has witnessed substantial growth in the IT sector in recent years. Recognizing the potential for further expansion, BETCA has diligently put forth a renewed plea for the establishment of an IT park, a move that is anticipated to have far-reaching benefits for the entire region.

The proposal outlines several viable options for the location of the IT park, taking into consideration factors such as accessibility, infrastructure, and potential for future growth. BETCA firmly believes that the establishment of an IT park will not only attract more technology companies to the area but also provide a conducive environment for existing enterprises to thrive and expand.

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RK Patil of BeTCA said, The Technology sector is in dire need of a boost, 70+ tech companies are operational and have a combined turnover of 150+ Crore, in turn providing more than 25 Crore of GST. We anticipate generating export revenue of approximately INR 100 Cr to INR 500 Cr within a few years of operation. Additionally, we expect to double the revenue to the state of Karnataka through GST.

Mr. Uday, spokesperson for the Belagavi Technology Companies Association, stated, “The submission of this request signifies the collective aspiration of the technology community in and around Belagavi. The establishment of an IT park has been a long-pending demand, and we are optimistic that this renewed effort will pave the way for progress and prosperity in the region. We extend our gratitude to the Hon. Minister for considering our proposal and remain hopeful for a positive outcome.”

Furthermore, our operations will directly create 500+ jobs within the first 3 years. Additionally, we anticipate indirectly creating 1000+ jobs within the same timeframe. Our goal is to establish a thriving business hub that not only generates substantial revenue but also contributes to the economic growth of the region

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The proposal comes on the heels of numerous past endeavors to secure an IT park for the region, with the BeTCA emphasizing the critical role such a facility would play in attracting talent, fostering innovation, and contributing to the overall economic development of the area.

The request was also submitted to the Additional Chief Secretary Dr. Ekroop Caur, Electronics, IT, BT, and ST.

The minister has promised to look into the matter.

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