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Thook Polish: Neglected Roadwork Plagues Udyambag Road, Exposing Government Apathy

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By uday

In a disappointing turn of events, the completion of roadwork by Thook Polish on Udyambag Road Belagavi near Hotel Panjurli has left citizens in dismay as the promised improvements fall short of expectations. The road, which received attention just before the winter season(10 days ago), now raises concerns about the commitment of government agencies to uphold infrastructure standards.

The recently laid pavers, intended to enhance the road’s durability and overall quality, have failed to deliver on their promises. A glaring example of this neglect is the service road near Panjurli Hotel, which has never been brought up to established norms since its inception. It seems that cost-cutting measures have taken precedence over ensuring the well-being and safety of the citizens.

Winter session has come to an end, but the repercussions of subpar roadwork linger, especially near Panjurli Hotel on Udyambag Road. The citizens who have been enduring the inconveniences and hazards associated with poorly constructed roads deserve better. The lack of adherence to established construction norms not only jeopardizes public safety but also reflects a disconcerting disregard for the welfare of the very people the government is meant to serve.

paver road

The conditions near Panjurli Hotel highlight a systemic issue that extends beyond just one location. If a service road in a prominent area of the city fails to meet construction standards, one can only wonder about the state of roads in less visible parts of the city.

it was pavered on Dec 3

It is disheartening to witness such a stark example of government apathy toward its citizens. The completion of roadwork should signify progress and improved living conditions, not a compromise that endangers public safety. As taxpayers and residents, citizens have the right to expect better, and the authorities must address these concerns promptly.

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