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Chief Engineer Urges District Cooperation for Timely Completion of Belagavi to Dharwad Railway Line

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It has come to light that the Chief Engineer of Railways has recently dispatched a letter to the District Collectors of Dharwad and Belagavi, urging their cooperation in expediting the land acquisition process for the Belagavi to Dharwad railway line.

Over the past few months, the railway department has been diligently working towards the establishment of the Belagavi to Dharwad railway line. However, the farmers in Belagavi taluka have vehemently opposed the railway project, particularly due to its encroachment on fertile land. Consequently, they have demanded the consideration of an alternative route for the railway.

Regrettably, due to the untimely completion of the land acquisition process, the railway department was compelled to cancel the tender for the railway work in Kyarakoppa and Mummigatti.

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In response to the challenges faced by the railway project, Member of Parliament Smt. Mangal Angadi has stepped in, urging immediate action. Smt.Angadi is set to meet with the Railway Minister to discuss the issues at hand and explore viable solutions to kickstart the stalled project.

The Chief Engineer’s letter to the District Collectors underscores the need for a collaborative effort between the railway administration and local authorities to address the concerns raised by farmers, find alternative routes, and ensure the timely completion of the Belagavi to Dharwad railway line. As the region eagerly awaits a resolution, the railway department and relevant stakeholders must work together to navigate the complexities and pave the way for progress.

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