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Plastic mixed first road to come up near Belagavi City Corporation

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By uday

Plastic powder will be mixed into the road construction materials near the Belagavi City Corporation’s main office, as part of an effort to improve the road. The construction project will cost six lakh rupees and was a topic of discussion in a recent standing committee meeting.

The department informed that using plastic in the road construction process will result in a 10 percent reduction in the use of asphalt. Furthermore, using plastic for road construction will help address the issue of plastic waste in the city.

Belagavi is currently piloting the construction of the first plastic road, and approval was requested for this project. A tender has been issued to award the contract for this work, and with the approval received in the meeting, the first plastic road will soon be built in Belgaum.

Scientific research has demonstrated that roads incorporating plastic powder into the tar are not only more durable but also environmentally friendly. This innovative approach by the city aims to establish infrastructure that is both long-lasting and sustainable.

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To support this initiative, the Corporation has already confiscated over 5 tonnes of banned plastic from various shops and locations. Additionally, plastic waste obtained through segregation is being repurposed for road construction. Previously, this plastic waste was given to cement factories, but now it will be utilized in the construction of roads.

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