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Belgaum a growing city without new CDP

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The city of Belgaum has been growing leaps and bounds but the authorities are yet to take proper cognizance of the same. The current Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) or City development plan effective is one which was made in 1996. 

After taking over as Chairman of BUDA Mr.Godhwani said that he would get the CDP approved within a month. Will he really be able to do it?

For the past 5 years the CDP plan is not approved for various reasons and ill fighting and factionsism.

The new chairman has now said that the old ring road planned would now come inside the city and hence a new ring road plan is necessary and for the same the use of Google earth would be taken to formulate the new route.

Vision Solutions has awarded the contract to make CDP and even last time the same company was awarded the contract but as it did not deliver on time the same was canceled. Now again the same company has been awarded sighting reasons of time, that if a new company is awarded the contract it would take more time in surveying etc. The company has been asked to submit the same by October 15, 2012.

It is very likely that the purposes of roads would be changed of many roads in the city which will help in greater FSI for building.

The BUDA site mentions the following under its CDP page:


For the Master Plan (R –1) 2011 prepared for the Belgaum Local Planning Area, Government has given final approval vide Order No. VNE/183/TTP/93, Bangalore 17.04.1996, The area of Belgaum Local Planning Area is 182.00 Sq.Kms. in which the jurisdiction of Belgaum City Corporation is 94.00 Sq.Kms. considering the population of 8 Lakhs that may come up in the year 2021, Master Plan (R-2) has been prepared. In this Master Plan, 80 Sq.Kms. of area is the Conurbation Area Based on the existing land use developments, lands have been reserved for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Public and Semi Public, Burial Ground, Play Ground, Approved Layouts have been incorporated in this Master Plan. Circulation pattern has been improved and the existing natural Nalas, Lakes have been retained as it is. Government has given provisional approval for this Master Plan ( R –2) 2021 on 30.12.2006, vide Order No. NAE/440/BEMPRA/2006. The approved plans and report has been brought on 23.02.2007. As per Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, (Amended) 2004 Section 13(1), Notification has been published inviting public comments and suggestions, giving 60 days time.

The Public suggestions/comments/objections which have been received during this period has been placed before the Authority meeting held on May and June 2007. As resolved in these Authority meetings a sub-committee is formed, for the submission of final Master Plan after considering the public comments. The sub-committee has resolved to incorporate the suitable public suggestions/comments in the Master Plan. The Sub-Committee decisions have been placed in the Authority meeting held on 13.02.2008. In this meeting, it was

resolved to held a Special Meeting for finalising the Provisionally Approved Master Plan. In the meanwhile a meeting has been held with Engineers Association, Builders Association and Developers Association and a discussion has been made regarding incorporation of the Zonal Regulations.

Again in the Authority meeting held on 13.06.2008, a Sub-Committee has been formed to finalise the provisionally approved Master Plan and submitting the same for the final approval of the Government. 

5 thoughts on “Belgaum a growing city without new CDP”

  1. I don’t understand why it takes such a long time to do one good CDP. And then implement the same, when the city is growing rapidly at an exponential rate. The 2011 senses says that Belgaum is the second fastest growing city (Population wise) in the state to Bangalore beating Mysore, Mangalore, Hubli-Dharawd. But still no proper CDP.

    • Chetan, whenever proper CPD came, owners of unauthorized buildings always opposed in large numbers. Hence this could not take place. But it will start in Jan-Feb 2013 soon happen by 2014.

  2. CDP plan is nothing but a futuristic plan, a layout for futuristic purpose, the buda has to select land and mark it for new layouts.. the layouts include.. plots, schools, play grounds, water bodies, parks, social parks/buildings, temples and many more, it has to identify new places and purchase it or aquire it with govts help paying in the compensation to the owner of the land at market rates. Belgaum has not had a CDP plan from 18 years!!!! even small talukas had it every 6 months in Karnataka and bordering Maharastra and goa too 🙂 see how lazy we are!!! Entire Belgaum 🙂 CDP plan.. lets see If we even get a news of new nagar (atleast in planning in papers) 🙂 forget in real terms 🙂


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