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Belgaum Auto driver charged Rs.20 as minimum FARE

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To many of them this could give you a shock, so please read the below matter at your risk.

Today Dr. Anand who took an Auto today paid Rs.20 as minimum fare for the minimum distance he traveled today on two occasions.

Dr. Anand shared his experience with us,

As soon as entered I asked is meter working.
Ans: sir are you from Bangalore or Bangalore, Here there is no meter
Dr. : but I heard now meter should be there.
Ans: yes sir meter is there and other way also there.
While alighting – How much?

Ans: you know minimum isn’t it. Rs. 20

I paid 20.
2nd one: As I entered (electronic meter) I asked why is the meter not on?
Ans: there is nothing like meter in Belgaum.
Dr.: but I heard meter should be used now.
Ans: the DC is supposed to stop all minitempo. Tumtums, till then no meters Why u dont ask hotels or cloth shops when they loot you.. What do u do?
Dr.: I am a pediatrician.
Ans: my mother admitted at a doctor for 3days he charged 12 thousand
Dr.: you should havw asked details of bill.
By the I was alighting (minimum distance)
How much?
Ans: 40rs?
I: I will only pay 20. that’s minimum After argument. I threatened to speak to police.
He accepted 20.

From the above experiences it is clear that if each commuter asks for the meter and says he will pay by the meter, they will have to accept it. But this may not be the case each time and in some cases situations can get hostile. So be careful, but yes you can ask him if the driver denies the meter, leave him and ask for another one.

If the citizens do this and this is the only way that the Auto fare by meter can be implemented.

All the best Citizens do share your experiences on the Facebook group or here as well

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