Belgaum causes uproar in parliament


After a six day dead lock in the parliament when things seemed to be coming up for the common man Belgaum border dispute came to the fore front and the parliament was adjourned.

Lok Sabha was adjourned for half an hour after leaders from Maharashtra and Karnataka gathered near Speaker Meira Kumar’s podium over the disputed district of Belgaum.

Shiv Sena members from Maharashtra sought Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s intervention in the matter, with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) members divided on the issue along state lines. Gopinath Munde supported the cause of Maharashtra, while BJP leader from Karnataka Ananth Kumar raised his voice in support of Karnataka.
Shiv Sena MPs gathered near the Speaker’s podium waving placards, prompting BJP MPs from Karnataka to do the same.

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  1. Hi Uday,

    May I request you not to post these kinds of articles? This will not benefit anyone. Let’s try to spread only constructive and development oriented news/articles.

    Anyways, these kinds of news will be covered by the national and state medias. Let us try to neglect these kinds of news. It is just my suggestion.


  2. It is for citizens of belgaum to respond. these politicians are only concerned about their vote bank they are least bothered whether belgaum should be with karnataka or should go to maharashtra.. I beg to politicians to leave us (common man) to lead our life without any belgaum bandhs or whatever.

  3. Harish, it is people like us to sort it out for ourselves for good.
    Political parties never sort such things. These issues are the bread and butter for the survival of the political parties.
    That is where entities like AAB get into action, to create awareness amongst common man.

  4. Wow Seems that somethin is happening about the dispute… It would be good if they sort it once and for all….

  5. Nothing new. Its just a drama to keep the issue alive so that the politicians keep their vote banks intact..


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