Belgaum corporation likely to be dissolved


Minister for Urban Development Law and Parliamentary Affairs S. Suresh Kumar here on Wednesday decided to seek an explanation from the Mayor, and a 15-day deadline has been given for the show cause notice issued to the Belgaum corporation as to why it should not be dissolved.

A fortnight ago the government had issued the notice in English to the Mayor and her deputy after they had taken part in the black day rally organised by the Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti on Rajyotsava day. Both the mayor and deputy mayor who at first said they wont reply, replied in Kannada and stated they were not against the language or state. 

The notice would be served under Section 99 of the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act as the corporation council has hardly met over the past year, and even when it has met, there has been no deliberation on matters pertaining to the upkeep of the city area. There are also a string of violations. In the view of the Government the council has to be dissolved.

The show cause notice issued for the dissolution was a surprise to the opposition councilors who had demanded the sacking of the Mayor and her deputy only, but now the minister has said that why not dissolve the entire corporation itself.

In November 2005, Dharam Singh had decided to dissolve the Belgaum Corporation council. Vijay Morey was the Mayor at that point of time.


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  1. No use, All will be the same again! Untill we change and look at ourselves as Indians.. nothings gonna change! A Maratha will say why should I talk in kannada even If I know Kannada, A Kannadiga will say why Should I Talk Marathi even if I know it! its gonna go on.. and in the mean time 🙂 Kolhapur and Hubli will be known as gaints and superb citiies!

  2. The only option to improve belgaum city is create a new city and a separate Corporation called New -Belgaum which is kannada speaking. Let the disputed area of Belgaum city take its own time to develop. There is no option as this is never ending. The development of Belgaum if it goes to Maharastra is remote ,since Maharastra is buckling due to its own weight .The people of maharastra are asking for a new state Vidharbha. Like the other big states Andhra Pradesh is broken into Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Uttar Pradesh is on the verge of splitting into four states. Belgaum going to Maharastra will do no good to the city.

  3. Warm wishes and a very good luck to our new aspiring CORPORATORS who are going to make Belgaum a better place to live….Sorry….the place(Belgaum) was/is always good….people should learn to live better…

  4. OK FINE!!!


    YES…… YOU CAN "DO IT"!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dear Kannada – Marathi Brothers,
    While forming these states ,the basic idea was one state one language . now new states are formed on the basis of administrative ease & not on the basisi of language. As people of different religion , Cast – speaking different languages (Kannada, marathi , Konkani , Urdu, Hindi ) reside in belgaum which repersent real indian culture (Anekatet Ekata) . instead of giving it to karnataka or maharashtra ,(Clubing some part of maharashtra , Karnataka ,Goa ) make it a Alltogether saperate state , which would be an ideal state in india .

    Kick out these MES & VEDIKE ROUDIES

    B Sachin

  6. Let’s pray to God that soon our Belgaum city corporation get dissolve. Hope our DC will do all developmental works those pending from long era…..

  7. Belgaum , historically has been a part of the Kannada region and has seen many such dynasties ruling over it. But the scenario in the region changed in 18th century as in other parts of India. This was the period which saw the expansion of Maratha empire under the Peshwas which culminated in realising the famous saying of "Attock to Cuttack". Hence a large chunk of Karnataka region formed a part of the then Maratha empire and was called the "Southern Maratha Country (most of North Karnataka). By the time Britishers came to power this region was dotted by the remanants of Maratha empire ruling over their jagirs and states. But the language of the land essentially remained Kannada. This has been beautifully summed up by famous historian and civil servant of the erstwhile Bombay presidency John Faithfull Fleet in his book "The Dynasties of the Kanarese Districts of the Bombay Presidency" (1894), which incidentally forms a part of the Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency (Vol-1, Part-II, Book-III) [4] . The first page of the book explains the ground realities of the time, which goes as,

    " In defining the limits of the Kanarese language, on the west and north may be designated "by a line drawn from Sadashivgad (Karwar), to the westward of Belgaum,Hukkeri through Kagal and Kurundwad, passing between 'Keligaon' and 'Pandegaon' through Brahmapuri on Bhima and Sholapur and thence east, to tand thence east, to the neighbourhood of Bidar. This however wrongly excludes Kolhapur. As for Sholapur which now officially counts as a Marathi District , Kanarese is still , to a great extent the vernacular of south east corner of it. And there are Kanarese inscriptions of the Western Chalukyas ,Kalachurya and Devagiri Yadavas of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries and some later ones, at Sholapur itself, and at Kudal and Mohol in that district, and at Karajgi, Kudal, and Tadwal in the Akalkot state.

    "…In official language the four recognised Kanarese districts of this presidency viz. Belgaum,Bijapur and Dharwar collectorates together with the Kolhapur, Miraj and other Native states called the "Southern Maratha Country". A more misleading appellation, however it originated, could not well have been devised. It is true that, in one of the earliest inscriptions of Pulakesin II, this part of the country is included in what was known then and even many centuries before his time as Maharashtra. But this term meaning literally "the great country", does not inherently imply any of the racial and linguistic peculiarities which are now naturally attached to the terms 'Maratha' and 'Marathi', derived from it. In the whole area of so-called Southern Maratha country ,not a single Marathi inscription has been discovered, of a greater age than two or three centuries. With the exception that two Prakrit records have been obtained at Banawasi in North Kanara and 'Malavalli' in Mysore, and that a few Prakrit words occur here and there in other records, the inscriptions are all either in pure Sanskrit or pure Kanarese, or in the two languages combined. This fact speaks of itself, as to what the vernacular of the country was in early times. In the present day, the people and the language of British districts are essentially Kanarese; and the Kanarese people and language have been displaced , to a certain extent, by the Marathi people and language in the Native States, only because those States were established by the aggressions of the Marathas from the north, whose local influence proved to be greater than that of the native rulers whom they dispossessed. Even in the Native States, and in Marathi official correspondence, the Political Agent at Kolhapur is ,to the present day always addressed as the Political Agent, not of the "Dakshina Maharasthra" or "Southern Maratha Country, but of the "Karavira Ilakha and the Karnataka Prant"

    Hence when linguistic reorganisation of states were decided upon this was the background available to the Commission as a part of official records and language was the basis. As a result the resultant Maharashtra didnt include the 'Maratha' ruled areas of Baroda, Indore or even Gwalior except for Kolhapur as the Commission took into consideration all the changes in the region over a long period

  8. Dear Nitin,Sandy,Vinod, I regret to inform you people and all pro maharastrains that the great Emperor Shivaji was not a Maratha but a Rajput. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Ji does not belon to maharastra but belongs to the Shishodias ( Rajput Community ) of Mewar in Rajasthan. Migration to Maharashtra by his ancestors is a different thing.

  9. Though the move seems anti- democratic, it is welcome. The corporators are good for nothing. What's the use of having them when they are not even meeting? I am for making amendment to the rules to never have municipal corporation for Belgaum. Let a learned person (may be a dedicated IAS officer) look after its administration. The Mayor and Dy mayor should know the office they hold. They should refrain doing anything that is against a community.

  10. Its a welcome decision…..when such people who observe kannada rajotsava as black day,are infact condemning the very existence of a part and parcel of Indian republic and its culture…..They have to be grateful to this free land that even allows its own condemnation/criticism….!!!!…Suffecient legal action has to be taken by the administration against such perpetrators of hate…!!!….i personally feel that such groups like ,maharashtra ekikaran samithi (MES) and shiva sena have no rights to exist on this kannada land(including BELGAUM)…,although i am aware that this cannot happen in OUR FREE, SECULAR, SOCIALIST DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF INDIA….JAI HIND!!!!

      • KARNATAKA RAKSHANA VEDIKE , the name itself suggests that they are always for Kannada language , people, and the state.If such irresponsible act is done by Mayor/Dy.Mayor, then ofcourse they will get angry/in fact all Kannada people have got angry on the Mayor/DyMayor.
        Also i,suppose think that a Kannada Mayor(hypothetical thought) is elected in Kolhapur/sangli/solapur Muncipal Corporations then if they participate in a function organised by Kannada people, on the day when there is some Maharashtra day or something(I don't know what/when it is) do Maharashtrians tolatrate??.They will involve in violence more than Kannadigas. They will make it a national news.

        • Right ! Forget about any Mayor and all getting elected… They can't even tolerate any outsider earning their bread and butter in Mumbai or any other part of Mah.

  11. Belgaum was never a marathi but was was converted to Marathi region since it was a languia francia during pre-independence and quite some years after post independence . Even we kannadigas were writing in Marathi sending children to Marathi medium schools and that's how there was a marathi language v was built up in Belgaum and got popularity. Again it is sad to say due to the ignorance of the kannada language by our own kannada people ,we ourselves felt it is not a developed language and kannada literature is poor. Further adding to this agony the persons who could not speak marathi were regarded as low profile people. The kannada schools were started in Belgaum with a very few students . Thanks to god almighty kannada schools have developed in late years and kannadigas know about the richness of their literature. The Majority of the so called Marathi people in Belgaum are kannadiga people basically ,who have been transformed into marathi by the said marathi culture in the pre-independence and few years in post independence era. The Maratha community is an exception to this.

    • nice one dude!! Also its a good decision to dissolve the corporation.!! DC must govern the city according to me.Then there would be no fights.

    • You need to improve your knowledge in History my dear friend…! Read article about "Maratha Kingdom" in Wikipedia and look at the map of kingdom… you can see the entire Belgaum division of present Karnataka in kingdom which was ruled by Marathi People. Note that this is pre-British Raj era in India…! Since there was Marathi majority it became lingua franca of the region.

      • u need to go back and study history as to who ruled belgaum before maratha entered south india and for that matter even in maharastra before maratha kingdom came to power under shivaji

  12. Good, let the Govt make Corporation commisioner take over the corp. Let these corporators who can't even speak in front of the media (unqualified for the job) go and participate in whatever wherever they want, atleast unwanted salary given to them and developments funds from the tax payers money would be saved.

  13. What say to these Chemeleons ?

    First they participated in MES rally against Karnataka and Kannada , then defended their participation and told that they will not repky to CM’s notice…

    After some timethey replied ” That too in KANNADA”.. and now telling they are not against the Kannada Language or State ….

    Avanajji Kurchinoo enen madastadappa ( Saala Kurchi bhi kya kya karvaata hai na ) ?

  14. Only these kind of news from past 2 months…No development news from corporation compared to Mysore,Hubli and Mangalore corporations..Hope after will hear good news atleast after dissolving the corporation as everything will be managed by DC.


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