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Work on Congress road begins

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The dirt track on Congress road is now being re laid and work began this afternoon with the digging of the entire stretch of the road from Kagal Cross.

The said road was in very bad condition and commuters faced a tough time daily riding through the pot holes.

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Sources said that the entire road would be re laid so that it can last for long.

7 thoughts on “Work on Congress road begins”

  1. This is not new, the thing which Has to be seen is how its maintained or they do any modern art later the work gets completed 😀 lol hope it remains in good condition for long time

  2. Why is tat the road doesn't last long for more than a year.? Why hasn't the contractor been blacklisted for sub standard work..? Why is the public's money being wasted like this..? This a trick used by these government contractors where they do bad quality work, so tat they get the contract every year….. Why can't we do something about this..? What is BELGAUM NEXT doing about this problem..? Is there any one who can check the quality of the road before the contractor is paid..?

    • Dear Ravi,
      Contractors don't get contract based on their QUALITY, its based on % they pay to the public servants/representatives. So the question of 'quality check' seems to have no meaning. obviously even the public servants/representatives have also paid "someone" in authority to get the position. (Be it Higher in authority for public servant & chai pani, quater/whisky, saree/T-Shirt etc to voters.) So its a CHAIN SYSTEM.

      ""Iss corrupt system me sab nange hai!!!!! Mantri se le ke Santri, aur Neta se le ke janta tah……

  3. There is water stagnation on the road during rains.There is no prorer outlet for water.The only long lasting solution is concrete road as the surrounding area is water logged.Water seapagges in the road and there by it makes it weak


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