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Belgaum not under JNNURM

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The Planning Commission today
rejected JNNURM proposal of inclusion of cities and UAs with a population of more than 5 lakhs on 28 cities which includes BELGAUM. Due to lack of resources the above cities have not been included under the scheme under which projects such as widening of
roads, reducing congestion,
renewal of sewerage and
water pipe system,
development of heritage
areas, preservation of water
bodies in urban areas is under taken.

8 thoughts on “Belgaum not under JNNURM”

  1. We don't need JNNURM If we have good corporators who would work for the city development instead on Karnataka Maharastra border issue!

    • you have hit the bulls eye
      In case JNNURM fund is allocated then our corporators will spend it on themselve and not on Developement of BGM as they know the fools will keep fighting for border rather than developement.

  2. Why don't our Corporators and Local Politicians of Northern part of Karnataka learn lesson from How UDUPI ,MANIPAL AND MANGALORE have Developed.

  3. No point in blaming the state & central governments.. Its we belgaumites who are responsible for this sad state of the city.. We are not able to utilize the funds sanctioned by the government.. The city corporation is are solely responsible for this… We need corporators who are dedicated and concerned about the city…. And not just about the language they speak… Every person of the city who has voted on linguistic basis is the real culprit..

  4. No Nanda Kishor its not the question of learning. Inspite of knowing they wont to fight on lang/border issue as that what will keep their bread and butter going on!

  5. We Belgaumites are responsible for this.Because we don't elect right representatives.We elect them based on our languages, which is wrong.Instead every Belgaumite should realise that , Representatives who are always involving themselves in unwanted violence(BANDH,strikes etc ) for silly reasons should not be elected.So every thing is on us only.


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