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Belgaum is in Maharashtra: Alumnus of IIM-A

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The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) on Sunday released a book that deals with stories of 25 of its alumni who chose the less trodden path to make their mark as successful entrepreneurs.


Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”, written by Rashmi Bansal — herself an alumnus of IIM-A — describes how 25 students of the premier B-school chose the path less trodden and successfully built new business and organisations.


Another interesting story included in the book is about a student who chose to set up sugar factories in his native place Belgum in Maharashtra instead of working with some multi-national company.


Narendra Murkumbi, who graduated from IIM-A in 1994, shut down his first company manufacturing bio-pesticides that he started after graduating from IIM-A. The reason for closure, according to Murkumbi, was its turnover of Rs 5 crore (in 1998) was “not large enough”.


His second venture — manufacturing and refining sugar — earned him a place in a leading business magazine as one of the “new billionaires” of the country.


Shree Renuka Sugars, which the 38-year-old started, today has a turnover of Rs 1,000 crore and has changed lives of over 10,000 framers.


Moreover, five per cent of the company’s earnings go to Shree Renuka Sugar Development Foundation, which runs schools for children of laborers who harvest the sugarcane, besides health centre and hospital in the factory.


To all the readers: By no means, I am trying to be pro Marathi or Pro Kannada. I am just sharing things written by learned people. They alumnus of IIM-A, the leading management institute, they should know geography a bit well I guess.


See original NDTV story here

18 thoughts on “Belgaum is in Maharashtra: Alumnus of IIM-A”

  1. here we go again with your pro marathi views and this silly artical,your are only doing is creating divide,learned people can be stupid too, bythe way look into history and come up with facts.

  2. Now How do I become a pro marathi here.Problem with people is when I place something without any bias people say i am baised.
    Its not that i am biased I guess but a few are biased with their thoughts and say i am biased. I am here to give you inforamtion as it comes. I never wrote anyting on own Did I. NDTV thinks Go to their website write emails and tell them thsi is wrong. NDTV is pro marathi now not me.
    Nor i am pro kannada now: I am a Belgaumite

  3. Uday u gave a good answer as a Belgaumite to Manjur , manjur please be learned first before you react or revolt , you need to read the report from NDTV or what Uday is trying to convey,
    To make you explain , Uday just wanted to make sure the learned person from IIM A should know the geography of the place and mention about Belgaum being in Karnatka instead of Maharshatra, well how does it make him pro Marathi, I am Kannadiga , but well proud to stand behind a martahi Guy , coz it matters to me as he is a Belgaumite,
    Well Mr Naredra MArkumbi now stay in Mumbai and owe suger units in Mahsrashtra as well, it is on his part to write it wrongly, well dont bother about all this contribute to his blog with devlopemtnal aspects of Belgaum , which I have been doing with Uday and Girish other blog contributors.
    Half knowladge is always dengerious so learn and react .


  4. Its not your fault for posting this message..
    what so ever who so ever tell anything…
    Belgaum belongs to karnataka.. people should realise what mahanjan report says.. news channels and papers write these such of stupid raking issues.. when they have nothing to write.. and people should not bring it on a forum where seeing the message.. conflict arises in indivisuals.. belgaum was in karnataka , it is and will always be… no use of debating..

  5. you cannot be a Belgaumite, belgaum belongs to karnataka.. so you have to be pro kannada….

    you cannot make belgaum a separate state.. so saying Belgaumite and avoiding saying im towards karnataka government is not good…

    Facts run high… Authorisation.. and ruling is still done by Karnataka government in belgaum… it will always be done….

  6. Satish Kumar,I think you need to learn more than I do first is your spelling {1}it is Narendra murkumbi NOT naredra MArkumbi {2}sugar NOT suger{3}Maharashtra NOT mahsrashtra{4}Development NOT devlopemtnal{5}knowledge NOT knowladge{6}dangerous NOT dengerious.You have written well proud to stand behind a marathi guy coz it matters to me as he is a Belgaumite, sounds like you are not from belgaum afterall,just one more align in our city, people like you are the one who stand behind and watch and do nothing,The point i was making is to correct where belgaum is no matter who said it, when posting an artical of this kind one should be aware and correct the matter,not just write or say i am not a pro marathi or kannada,lack of journalism. regards.

  7. Wow Thank you Manjur for correcting me as I have missed spelled lot, well I have no reservations on states , because I am global Indian and think for Belgaum to scale in new heights though being very far, I am in process of Organising investors of Belgaum to open for global forums.
    I don’t blame government of any state nor the people ,I just suggest and pen my thoughts, view my concerns on wrong footnotes and polices.
    I myself designed and contacted CII , Hon CM and even the Regional Commissioner on developmental plans for Belgaum and Uday is being equally supportive in all this efforts
    As a Belgaumite , what I am doing need not have to be justified it is too little to your knowledge to know yet about either me Uday or Belgaum on the whole.

  8. Dear all,,,,,,,,,,,

    Remember one thing


    if IIM A says BELGAUM is in MAH…….. then nothing it can shake, or it cant ulter a small grass piece of our land, we were in KARNATAKA, V r IN KARNATAKA n V WILL b In KARNATAKA Forever.please close this topic here itself and please do some useful stuff to brighten our BELGAUM…………



    And Belated wishes of HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to you all.

  9. I dont care if any one says that Belgaum is in Maharashtra as The truth is that Belgaum is in Karnataka and going to be in Karnataka for ever !!!!!!!

  10. How does it really matter whether Belgaum is in Karnataka or Maharashtra? Why is the “invisible” border such a big deal to us – atleast the learned sons of the Belgaum? How different would you live if Belgaum was in Maharashtra? You would still get the same paani puri at Ambika, the same paav bhaji at Ganpat, the same Kunda at Gajanan, the same cool weather in Camp, and the same people. You would still get up at the same time that you do today and still eat your lunch at the same time. You would still have Nandini Milk at your door just like you do today. So why bother? As long as Belgaum is a part of the Replublic of India, it shouldnt bother us. We Indians have always had this problem of division of people. And others have benefitted from this – at our cost. Karnataka and Maharashtra are all part of India. If someone says something good about Maharastra, how does it belittle Karnataka? Or vice versa? Indian states were created just so that they could be Administered efficiently and not for divisive abuse. Get a life guys, there’s a lot you can do than worry about which state should Belgaum be in. The less you care about this, the less political parties make it an issue.

  11. Our sentiments run high when it comes to issues of deciding borders right?Well, its natural to do so….but pals we have become so busy with the tail that the whole elephant is forgotten altogether.I am a Belgaumite too and sadly have seen the place going from good to worse,thanks to our politicians who always suceed to ignite border fights instead of emphasizing on progress. Dont you see that our Belgaum is stratergically placed at junction of three states-Kar,Mah and Goa.I have heard that the British used to love coming to Belgaum in summers due its pleasant climate…what has happened to all that beautiful small town of ours?its growing unplanned, unsupervised, trees are being felled, we have no proper roads, water distribution etc.How long will it be when we stop quarelling on borders and hook these corporators/politicians and demand for Belgaums’ and its inhabitants rightful progress?

  12. you are insulting to iim….
    if you have so much love on other state start factory there only?
    for what hell you are coming here polluting our karnataka

  13. These are the people who provocate the sleeping emotions of Marathi people in Belgaum. Belgaum has been part of Karnataka for centuries and will continue to be so.In favt, Kolhapur, Solapur and even Ratnagiri were Kannada speaking area.

  14. Amazing…….The kannadigas who consider Tipu sultan as there hero (Tipu sultan forced Islam on many Hindus and Christians) and Mallya gets his sword and all dat useless things spending crores, are talking abt pride. Its damn funny wen Preeti says Kolhapur, Solapur wer also part of Kar……We r claiming Belgaum coz Maharashtrains stay der for ages n they dnt want to be forced to learn kannada n all, n dey want to cum n b part of Maharashtra…….We never cliamed Tanjore, Baroda, Indore , Ajmer, Gwalior, Kanpur, Jhansi n many more places although they wer parts of Maratha kingdoms….Coz we know the locals want to stay in the respective states but dat is not the case with Belgaum….


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