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Belgaum Mein Auto ka Meter Down karo

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In this age of Social media people are making very good use of this media to solve some problems of the society at large.

Take a look at this page β€œBelgaum Mein Auto ka Meter Down karo” which aims to get the Autos in town run by meters and fare price and not by bargain price as it happens today.Screenshot

In a weeks time there are more than 1150 members who are sharing their experiences with the Autos.

Why is it that in Belgaum NO ONE is INTERESTED in fixing the AUTO FARES as in other cities.
The auto fares have to be fixed by the RTO and they never seem to be interested in this WHY?
The police can only implement the same once the FARES have been fixed but as Fares are only not fixed leave the implementation away.Β 

The group aims to know what are the reasons behind the law of fixed fares is not implemented in the city.auto1

Some fares shared by members on the group:

Rs.60 from Mangalwar Peth to second gate after huge argument and bargain, Initial demand was for Rs.100 Time :9.15pm
Samadevi Mandir, Samadevi Galli to Rani Chenamma Nagar: Auto Driver Rs.80.
Passenger: 80? Chalo 70 de do
Passenger: 60
Auto : Nahi hota Time : 1pm

Sanyukta Maharashtra chwok (Khade Bazar) to CBT Rs.40.Β Time 11.30pm

Are these FARES, FAIR by any means. A distance of 1 km and one has paid Rs.60, isnt this LOOTING. Even people have shared images of Autos without Permit numbers and Meters standing on the Stands.

So join hands together and lets see what can be done collection.

Belgaum Mein Auto ka Meter Down karo

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  1. Please make the autos in the city to run by meter. It is the done in Davangare, chitradurga, etc. Why not Belgaum. We need the min. rate and min. kilometer and per kilometer rate there after to be fixed. And most importantly Auto drivers to follow it strictly. We need to bell the cats (Auto drivers) in our city. Lets all bring the change in our city.

  2. Hmmmmm

    Our people are sleeping uday…
    Post a border issue article hundreds will comment , but no one comes forward to clean the society….

    I dont know much about others… But I am with you….

    Uday Kinjawadekar aage bhado hum tumhare saath hai….. πŸ™‚

    Jai ho….. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Uday,

    Good Initiative i am with you but along with agitation on social media the RTO should bring in some discipline to these auto drivers educate them how good service will attract passengers. How to speak to customer instead of harassing them. How can they benefit by having shared autos.
    How to behave with public at large.
    The RTO based on registration can collect data of all the autos provide some kind of identification for driver and based on no.of complaints can take action against errant driver. either cancel license or fine them.

  4. I was in Belgaum just last month. I live in Saudi Arabia and visit the city often.
    AUTO drivers in Belgaum are the real rogues. They behave like rowdies with the passengers.
    The RTO and the local Govt authorities are directly responsible for this.
    The reasons are simple: They are highly corrupt.
    The people are cold, mild, whatever you say.
    This is not anything new in Belgaum, it will go on like this.
    For the shortest distance of just 1Km, the minimum I paid is Rs 50/-

  5. Yes, we are all together on this issue, with which we have lived all along. But how long? For the last fifty five years, since the time autos were introduced in Belgaum, the problem is the same.
    I remember the TONGAS ( horse driven carts) in the 50s and early 60s.
    Do you all think that by writing bolgs like this the problem will be sorted out? No way!
    Yes, it helps in mobilising the opinion. But what next?
    Submit a memorandum to Government officials? Involve the local politicians? Do you all think they have the time and inclination to solve this? Absolutely NO NO NO!!! They simply dont care.
    We need to think out of the box. We need to take things in our hands. Please do ponder over the issue and share your views.

  6. We talk & forget, why the city like belgaum which is developing very fast doesnt have meter system for autos,most of the time i have paid double the actual cost for short distance.we have to do it offically once.

  7. Hey,
    A very nice post. I ended up paying 60Rs to travel from SP office to Bogarvase.
    The auto driver never agreed to use the meter and refused to give service. This is serious matter which must be dealt with serious measures.
    Next time an auto driver refuses to use the meter and denies service file a police complaint as there are laws against denial of service and before that slap the fellow.
    I guess the above should teach them a lesson.


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