Belgaum ranks second in exports after Bangalore GIM Belgaum profile

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Global Investors Summit (GIM) is a biennial summit held by the Government of Karnataka in Bangalore, India. The event is aimed at bringing together business leaders, investors, corporations, thought leaders, policy and opinion makers. This year the event will be held on  7th & 8th June, 2012 at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Bangalore. Each time each district’s profile is made which is pitched to the investors.bgmgim

Lets have a look at the Belgaum’s district profile made for the GIM 2012.

Some key points mentioned in the profile are as follows:

4th largest city in Karnataka

Ranks 2nd in overall exports after the state capital Bangalore

Important centre for manufacturing of heavy machine tools

Known as Foundry hub of Karnataka

The district has got established trade centre for food grains, sugarcane,

cotton, tobacco, oilseed and milk products


Belgaum acts as a trade centre for food grains, sugarcane, cotton, tobacco, oilseed and milk products

Sericulture is gaining prominence in the district with nearly 481.90 hectares under Mulberry cultivation

200 foundries producing more than 70,000 tons of automotive and industrial castings of ferrous base


No of Large and Medium scale Industries 33 nos

Aggregated investment in Large and Medium scale Industries INR 2,850 Crore

Aggregated investment in small-scale industries INR 775.08 Crores

Foundry and Power loom (MSME) cluster in Belgaum Dolls & Toys, Horn & Bone, Metalware, Artistic Chap pals by hand, Dolls & Toys, Pottery & Clay, Terracotta, Textiles Hand Embroidered (Artisans)Clusters

Important center for manufacture of heavy machine tools and high pressure oil hydraulics

Emerging hub for storage/cold storage infrastructure and reeling (silk- based) industries

Major Crops:

Major crops grown are paddy, maize, jowar & sugarcane

Commercial crops grown are Oil Seeds, Groundnut and Cotton

Production of Major Crops (in tonnes)

– Maize – 408494 – Jowar – 155800 – Rice -108372

– Soyabean- 71724 – Groundnut- 49984

Belgaum district is known for fruits & vegetable cultivation next to Hassan and Kolar districts. Onion, Tomato, Potato, Chilly, Capsicum, Carrot, Mango, Sapota, Banana, Grapes & Papaya are the major horticultural crops in the region


India’s first notified aerospace precision engineering and manufacturing SEZ spreads across 300

acres in Belgaum(Hattargi) developed by Quest Global

12 industrial estates, 5 industrial areas and 1SEZ in the district.

10351 acres of land at Belgaum has been identified for land bank in Belgaum, Hukkeri, Khanapura,

Bailahongda Taluks

Proposed 2 industrial parks and 3 industrial estates in the district

Suvarna Karnataka Development Corridor proposes an IT-BT zone, Apparels zone covering the district

Proposed Cement zone, Food Processing zone, Ready made garments zone, sugar industries and

Co-gen power plants by the Government of Karnataka

Suvarna Karnataka Development Corridor proposes zones in IT-BT, Cement & Apparels covering the

district Proposed 6 industrial areas, 2 Industrial parks and 3 Industrial Estates in the district


Shelf of projects:

A list of projects planned for Belgaum have been listed which include many old ones but we were surprised to know about the Bus Terminal/Multi Modal Hub –Belgaum (opposite Railway Station) where no allocation or budget is estimated yet.

Important projects :-

Outer Ring Road Belgaum (27 KM) – 180 crores

Parking Facilities – 4 crores

MSWM – Collection & Transportation – 30 crores

Bus Terminal/Multi Modal Hub –Belgaum (opposite Railway Station)

Development of Modern Bus Station and Commercial Building on NWKRTC site – 26 crores

Radiology Diagnostics and Dialysis Centers – 10 crores

Low-cost hospital – 100 crores

R&D Park – education – 300 crores

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  1. It’s a very good sign for the development of Belgaum, we just luv as it is now but still for improvement it certainly needs a very futuristic state of the art Bus station, the bus station is one thing which grabs attention of the traveling people as they tend to judge a city from the condition of bus station.. if not futuristic at least it should be lik Mysore bus station or Mangalore’s which Belgaum lacks,blame politicians.. and its a surprise our Bgm s such a large city and we can’t find food chains such as subway, McDonald’s, Kfc,domino’s.. city should be of youth attitude which Bgm certainly is but lacks those things:-(

  2. Yes its true that belgaum is not having any such food chains. Some one needs to take franchise to have them. Not sure whether there are no ppl in belgaum who can take or not intersted. Also, Belgaum is not having car showrroms like Honda,Skoda,Mahindra,Nissan. Need to buy them from Hubli or Goa….Sad…

  3. When Indian economy is stable but still need to make it more stable and stronger by supporting the Indian based/manufactured products like reliance fresh, more(Birla), MTR, and avoiding KFC, McDonald, Domino etc Because the profit of these sold products will contributes to non-Indian economy. So I don’t think Belgaum needs such malls or restaurants(It’s my personal opinion)…

  4. Can you put up the list of Exporters from Belgaum. The DIC of Belgaum Chamber will be able to provide the list..

  5. Yes my dear friends there is no food chain in Belgaum but certainly I am wish to open McDonald or KFC if anyone knows how to apply for this then please reply me.

  6. Belgaum is always top 2 city in state. But politically last. If this city get this support Then may be Top ten in india ??


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