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Belgaum is a mini India – Narendra Modi

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modi belgaumThe transcript of the speech of Narendra Modi at the concluding ceremony of JNMC Suvarna, the 50 years celebration of JNMC. 

“I am very happy you are here: Dr. Prabhakar Kore in Belgaum. I congratulate all the youngsters who are taking up the responsibility of creating a healthy India. Modi is lauding the work and service of the KLE. Belgaum has become a mini India. From every corner of India people are coming here. A society that does not give importance to education cannot progress. Let there be any Government. The Government should think that India must shine in field of education. Whenever we have entered a Gyan Yug, India has led the way. 21st century is also a century of knowledge. There is one matter of concern. Illness and ill people are increasing. We need more and more doctors. We are the most youthful nation of the world but still we need skilled manpower for paramedical staff. Technology is also becoming very important. We still get lot of medical equipment from west. We can do a lot more in research in health sector. When a poor falls ill, it is very expensive. Rashtrapati ji said almost 4 crore people fall into heavy debt due to health related issues. Health insurance is one thing but we need to think towards health assurance. When we give importance to assurance then we will think about prevention as well. As important as personal hygiene is social hygiene. We will celebrate Gandhi ji’s 150th birth anniversary in coming years. If there was one thing he was particular about it was cleanliness. Can we take a mission- Gandhi150 and give importance to cleanliness? This can be a big agent of change. We will have to take several initiatives for prevention of illness and this is where you all can make a big contribution.”

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