Belgaum petrol costs 50.48 And Diesel 37.14

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After the honeymoon period of the UPA government is over here is the first slap on the face of the citizens. 

Fuel prices have been increased, petrol by Rs.4 and diesel by Rs.2.

So the new prices are as below:

Petrol – Rs.50.48.

Diesel- Rs. 37.14

 Belgaum Fuel Prices

Belgaum Fuel Prices

The rise in fuel prices will shoot up inflation which is now in negative territory to positive and worst hit will be the common man as with the rise in fuel prices of all commodities tend to increase.


Just before the elections were to be declared on January 28, 2009 fuel prices were reduced, it was a carrot and now is the stick. We all ate the carrot now it’s the turn for stick.

People will again for a couple of days shout at the govt. plan to use less fuel, and after a week all will be as it was.

The rise in price of Diesel will hit industries and business houses now running on diesel generators due to the 8-10 hour power black outs.


The govt. in its budget will also show some more stick as the fiscal deficit is going out of control. The politicians will increase their salary, DA, TA etc which increases the fiscal gap, why can’t the govt. also ask politicians to have a reduced salary & perks, as it was asked by the Air India for its employees recently.

God Bless India!

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