Border row: Gods in a dilemma

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The Deccan Chronicle has been writing about Belgaum in a bit different way. Here is one more story from their stable.

Finding no solution in the courts or elsewhere to the border dispute between Maharashtra and Karntaka, the pro-Maratha lobby in Belgaum feels it has been left with no other option but to seek divine help. A team led by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra traditionally performs the pooja at the Pandarpur jathra for the welfare of the state and its people.

 People of Maharashtra have great faith in the Pandarpur jathra and believe that Vithal Rukmai blesses them with everything they ask for. This most popular jathra is attended by lakhs of devotees every year.

“The long legal battle between the governments has not been able to resolve the boundary row. This time Vithal Rukmai will listen to our prayers,” say several pro-Maharashtra leaders here, who have conveyed their sentiments to Mr Chavan.

“There is no other option left for the government but to pray,” these Marathi leaders say.

But it now seems the dispute could place even the Gods in a dilemma. According to sources, not just Maharashtrians but also lakhs of Kannadigas will take part in the jathra for the welfare of Karnataka and their own well being.

Instead of praying to solve the border issue these politicians need to pray to God for good rains and peace & we the public should pray to God for some good sense to the politicians. 

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