Bellary Nala turning into a curse for farmers

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The farmers on the banks of the Bellary Nala in Belagavi feel it is a curse during the monsoon as the fields get flooded with water.

Heavy rains in the past 2-3 days have flooded Bellary Nala and submerged the fields flood water and slapping heavy losses for farmers.

This is not new for the farmers as each year for the past 6-7 years the fields on the banks of the Nala are flooded making the survival of the farmers difficult.

On numerous occasions, the farmers had demanded that the Nala be de-silted but as always no one wants to hear to what a farmer says and the result is heavy losses for the farmers.

bellary-nalaThis year as an addon, the making of the Hlaga Macche bypass has worsened the situation.

Farm fields on the banks of Old Belgaum, Halga, Vadgaon, Shahapur, Bastwad, Basavan-Kudachi and surrounding areas were getting flooded. But now the floods have encroached more than 1000 acres of agriculture land.

The 30 kms long nala which traverses thourgh the city is also dumped with waste and this is causing harm to the farmers as well. Many complain of skin diseases.

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