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Rain water destroys records at Deccan medical center

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Heavy Rains that have lashed the city has not only caused flooding in the low lying areas but has also entered homes, hospitals, shops and other places.

In one such incident, Deccan Medical Center near the Railway Overbridge had to bear the brunt of the heavy rains. According to the hospital authorities, due to heavy rains, on July 30, the water accumulated in the gutter flowing in front of Deccan Medical Centre rushed in the premises.

The heavy flow of water from the drains gushed inside the pharmacy, physiotherapy, record room and accounts room wherein all the records of the patients like case papers, bills, files and other documents since from 2000 kept of the patients in the basement have been drained in the water and have spoilt totally,” administrator of the hospital Cyril Fernandes, said. The financial losses are yet to be ascertained, he said.

deccan-waterHe said that the rainwater that comes from Nanawadi area, behind Arun Theater and also from camp, enters this locality. However, the absence of stormwater drains, the water enters the houses, etc in the locality

We are now not in a position of giving the records and documents,” Fernandes said urging the authorities to initiate preventive measures for any such incident in future.

5 thoughts on “Rain water destroys records at Deccan medical center”

  1. Would you look at that!
    Our Belagavi City is such a smart city that even our hospitals get automatic washing!!!

  2. This is bound to happen if we continue to reclaim lakes and ponds. Remember 15 to 20 years back there used to be a pond / small lake below the Railway over bridge near station. This area was reclaimed to build many commercial and residential complex. Water from Nanawadi, Camp will flow towards this low lying area in case of heavy downpour. Hope the authorities take cognizance of this in future and stop fiddling with nature by reclaiming lakes/ponds.

  3. The area where these hospital & houses are built is water logged area since decades…
    we should give space for drain water to flow else this is the condition.

  4. Water continuously flowing inside my house since last night. My parents are old and they need help. Please stop the same by spreading Khadi/Bolders/ Murrum at garden side so that water will stop. Please help them, they are old. Shivani Upadhye, Hemkunj Mrutunjaya Nagar, Angol road, Tilakwadi, Belgaum, Behind Ashirward Managl Karyalaya, Opposite garden.. Mobile 8983527183


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