BIMS submits report on Fetuses recovered from Sankeshwar

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Fetuses recovered from the bed of the Hairanyakeshi River near Sankeshwar.

Out of the 16 specimens collected from the spot, 3 are Female Fetuses, 1 male fetus, 1 fetus with anomaly, 8 Mummified specimen, 3 uterus like specimen. 6 specimens clearly show presence of Formalin preservation.

The specimens were examined by Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology at the Belgaum Institute of Medical Sciences (BIMS) and they don’t rule out the abortion of female fetus and also stating that some of the cases are of induced abortion that is used as manner of removal. Further the report submitted also mentions that ‘these foetuses might not have been subjected to legal Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP)’. 

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  1. I think some medical teaching institute have disposed without thinking proper disposal of specimens which are kept in formalin and when incineration facility is not available , one should go for deep burial and follow up and observation of the things.also it is necessary to make awareness in people regarding this.


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