Bio-Fuel Information center at VTU

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Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum, in association with, Karnataka State Bio

Fuel Development Board, Bangalore (KSBDB) has established “Bio-Fuel Information and

Demonstration Center” at “Jnana Sangama”, VTU, Belgaum on 24th December 2012.

Sri Y. B. Ramakrishna, Chairman, KSBDB inaugurated the Center on 24th December 2012

Petroleum products have become integral part of human life, but the stock of raw petroleum products are sufficient for the next 10 years. The use of renewable energy sources like bio-fuel can only solve future problems.

In India, Agriculture has been practicing since 6 thousand years, but recently our farmers are facing problems due to heavy use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and declining ground water. Our formers should be encouraged to harvest more bio-fuel plants, presently 3 lakh formers are engaged in harvesting 3 crores bio-fuel plants in India, Sri Ranakrishna added.BioFuel-1

Ethanol-the by-product of sugarcane, can be used as the best substitute of energy. Today, Karnataka is a leading producer of Ethanol in the country. We produce about 135 million litres in a year, Sri Ramakrishna explianed.

Dr. H. Maheshappa, Vice Chancellor, VTU said that the purpose of this Information and Demonstration Centre is to provide information for the public, farmers, bio fuel cultivators, researchers and entrepreneurs in the fields of bio fuels.

VTU will undertake Research and development activities in the field of Bio-fuels and also organize workshops, seminars, exchange visits and experience sharing programmes for farmers regarding bio-fuel development at University campus as well as affiliated engineering colleges.

2 thoughts on “Bio-Fuel Information center at VTU”

  1. Dear Sir,
    “Petroleum products have become integral part of human life, but the stock of raw petroleum products are sufficient for the next 10 years”

    I do not agree with this information provided above, which is totally incoorect. As you are aware there is enormous UNTAPPED crude oil – Gas reserves in US – Antartica – Russia – Gulf for next 100 yrs may be ….
    I do – may agree, it can go on reducing….as time passes on but i dont think the oil wells are going to dry up in just next 10 yrs !!!

    Definately we have to find alternate sources ie Electric, solar etc etc . But we should avoid using the fertile agri land as this will put lots of pressure on the farming products/ water resources.

    Rajendra Jadhav
    B.Tech {Chemical}

  2. Its really a good job done by vtu board, and its not a big budget plan for a university like vtu. Its having great source of income from students under vtu.
    Ofcourse the fuels may last for next 100years, but one has to realise that self dependency is better than depending much on foreign countries.
    Lot of students are carrying out the projects on bio fuels and it’l be great source of energy to people who hav their own land, they can grow plants on border sides of their land and use same for production of diesel, and it can be blended with petroleum diesel to save the fuel cost.
    This step of information centre is really helpful but biggest question will be that “How best this centre functions for betterment of farmers ? ”
    Good luck .


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