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Bleeding asphalt on Khanapur road dangerous for commuters

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The Khanapur road from Fish Market to Sanchayni circle has a brand-new problem this summer with the Bleeding asphalt becomes icy and is particularly dangerous for two-wheelers.

Part of the road which may be due to excessive Asphalt starts to bleed. Asphalt begins to bleed and becomes smooth. Worse still, after rain – then it is often more slippery than ice. 

Bleeding is the upward movement of asphalt in a seal coat or surface treatment resulting in the formation of a film of asphalt on the roadway surface.

Bleeding occurs when excess asphalt binder fills the voids in the aggregate mat and then moves upward to the pavement surface under traffic and with heat expansion in a non-reversible, cumulative process. The appearance of the pavement surface goes from dull black to glossy, shiny, and glass-like.

Bleeding asphalt sticks to aggregate and tires and causes tracking. Left unattended, bleeding can result in the seal coat or surface treatment aggregate rolling over and being picked up.

Bleeding is an immediate maintenance problem that must be addressed using corrective or in some cases, emergency, maintenance.

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