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Samarth Kadkol’s new project Antagoni Shetty

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Rishab Shetty will be playing the lead and also producing a new project titled Antagoni Shetty which has been written by Samarth Kadkol from Belagavi will write and direct this project, and share screenplay credits with Sripad Joshi. 

Speaking to AAB, Smarath said,

Nothing can be better than this feeling for the individual like me who shot his first short film on smartphone & now directing a celebrated director & actor like Rishab Shetty. The journey began when I was in KLE CBALC Belagavi, explored my interest in films & pursued it as my profession.

Antagoni ShettySamarth adds, Before I was in Hubli, saw a lot of failures in personal & profession life but when I stepped in Belagavi, things changed gradually. Credits go to my parents for giving me multiple chances. Went to Mumbai to pursue my dream, completed my masters in whistling woods & that was a stepping stone for me. Worked for reputed film production company but always wanted to make own film. During this period, I met my old school junior Sripad Joshi, who was also working in a reputed production company in Mumbai. We teamed up, started our own venture of commissioning content to the production company. We were lucky to sign our first project with Rishab Shetty for his next direction Hindi project & also we are at the final stage of the script.

Samrath & Sripad
Samrath Kadakol, Rishab Shetty and Sripad Joshi

But you always want to direct your own stories, right?

Yes, replies Samrth with confidence. I always wanted to be direct films of my own stories, I’m happy that I’m getting this opportunity with Rishab Shetty himself. We pitched the story to him & He said yes.

The story of Antagoni Shetty will be based from North Karnataka and will travel to Mumbai. The story of a dreamer & is set in Hubli & Mumbai. 14 years of timeline, completely new attempt in Kannada cinema. We will go on floor from the beginning of 2020. As soon we complete Hindi script, we will go with this We are happy that poster is getting a great response. We want to dedicate this film to people of North Karnataka.

At the end he adds, Also to mention, AAB was the first among the people who recognized my first short film & that was the biggest motivation of life to achieve what I wanted to.

Message to all youngsters, be confident about your dream, work hard for it & trust me it will work.

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