Blind mans Car rally held

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BLIND MAN RALLY (BMR) was a unique event where in a visually able person drives while a Blind person navigates him. The rally was based on the Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) model of professional rallying organised by Round Table India 205(RTI). In total 76 Cars participated in the Rally.

bmr belagaviThe object of this rally is to support the visually impaired and to develop their self-confidence. The Rally course was for a total of about 35 kms across Belagavi and surrounding villages.


First :Santosh Pattar (Rally Participant ) -Prize Trophy

Fakirappa (Blind Navigator) – Prize Rs.10,000

Second:Ganpati Pai (Rally Participant ) -Prize Trophy

Virendra A (Blind Navigator) – Prize Rs.5,000

Third:Aamir Bankapur (Rally Participant ) -Prize Trophy

Chalobha Shahpurkar (Blind Navigator) – Prize Rs.3,000

Best Theme Decorated Cars

First:Janhvi Angolkar & Team (Save Girl child)

Second:Medha Shah & Team (Make in India)

Third:Anju Mohta & Team (Save Girl Child)

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