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Women Traffic PSI assaulted at Bogarves

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Traffic South PSI Krishnaveni was injured in a scuffle at Dharmveer Sambhaji Chowk (Bogarves) at around 8 pm on Monday evening.

traffic psiKrishnaveni and her team were checking two wheeler riders without helmets to penalise them and she stopped a person who is a BSF jawan here on on holiday.

He was stopped for not wearing a helmet and this went on to a heated argument which and provoked by her alleged foul language, he responded in a similar manner. This irked Krishnaveni who allegedly slapped him.
A group of women who witnessed the scene blamed Krishnaveni for using foul language against the officer and slapping him. They said the officer was ready to pay fine of Rs 100, but Krishnaveni allegedly demanded Rs 500, which he objected to. (Source Indian Express)

The Pudhari reports that sources say there was a lady also along with the jawan who was pushed away by the police which irked the jawan from Kudremani. 

Sakal reports that the women PSI tried to take away the key of his bike which irked the jawan.

Traffic South PSI Krishnaveni was admitted to hospital later. The process of filing an FIR was going on late night.

11 thoughts on “Women Traffic PSI assaulted at Bogarves”

  1. in forgein countries police behave politly and behave like servant of people and people there respect them but in India some police lost there humanity they scold by mother and father they treat common person as terrorist thats y public dont respect police. respect should be given not be taken by people do good to people .people will respect u and u ll feel proud expieriance that feel u ll not forget it

  2. Krishnaveni women psi traffic is a very rude personality,she doesn’t have any mercy for people according to me what has happened is the right thing .

  3. It is fact such incidents should not be happened but behaviour and duty pressure and a ego mixed turn out in such manner

  4. This lady PSI had threatened me that I will arrested by her for questioning her what my mistake was. I was asking for a court memo for production of insurance paper for she was irked and threatened to seize my car, which I objected. I had not violated any traffic rule. My only mistake was to reply to the foul language used by her PC. She was not ready to give me court memo and was bent upon to impose a fine on me for non production of documents.

  5. This bleady lady officer was on cards for long time she has done lot of atrocities on innocent people of Belgaum, I have witnessed so many incidents when she has caught hold of college students for absurd reason allegedly demanding money for no reason, such people are spoiling the police department & getting ignominy to the department,in this particular incident also she should have fined the bsf jawan & let him go respectfully rather abusing him, we people should have high regards for jawans and their sacrifice & not for such highly
    corrupt police.department should take stock of it and punish her appropriately only with the virtue of having power in hand police cannot take public in grant we are in a democratic country every one has a right to speak & express their feeling, hope some rules will be bought in the favour & interest of public,one more question I would like to ask if she has guys let her nab so many jihadis terrorist are there we will respect her for this bravery post her on the border area she ‘ll realise it.


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