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BVG company awarded contract to clean Belagavi city

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The Belagavi City Corporation has finally awarded the city cleaning contract to BVG Company. Currently, the company has been contracted to clean under four packages of wards, and one more package would be awarded to them which is awaiting approval from the DC and the Municipal Administration Department.

As a result, the contract for the cleanliness of the wards in that package may be delayed.

The Belagavi City Corporation has approved the contract to BVG Company at an increased rate of four and a half percent over the rate fixed in the tender. A memorandum of understanding will be done between the municipality and the company, followed by a work order to the company. In the new year, BVG will begin the cleaning work in the city.


The Belagavi City Corporation initially floated a tender in February to award the contract for city cleaning work, but there was no response. A re-tender was issued in March, but again, there was no response. Finally, a third tender was issued in April, and BVG Company was the only one to submit a bid. As the problem of a single tender arose, the Belagavi City Corporation sent the information to the Deputy Commissioner.

After receiving the approval, the tender was issued by the Belagavi City Corporation. Once the new contractor is appointed, the old nine contractors will be relieved.

The cleaning work of wards in Belagavi city is currently being done by nine contractors who were given the contract in 2015. Despite the Belagavi City Corporation’s attempts to find a new contractor, the deadline has been repeatedly extended. With the approval of the new proposal, however, the nine contractors will soon be relieved of their duties.

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