Namma Clinic inaugurated at Udyambag and Shahunagar

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Karnataka government launched 114 ‘Namma Clinics‘ aimed at providing primary healthcare services to vulnerable sections, especially the urban poor and daily wage workers, and the first one in Belagavi was inaugurated at Udyambag Belagavi by MLA Abhay Patil and one at Shahu nagar by MLA Anil Benake.

These clinics will offer twelve types of health services, each staffed with a medical officer, nurse, lab technician, and a Group D employee.

The government is working to operationalize all 438 Namma Clinics by January 2023, providing citizens with convenient access to quality healthcare.

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Twelve types of health services will be available at the center, and each clinic will consist of a medical officer, a nurse, a lab technician, and a Group D employee.

The twelve services provided include prenatal and postnatal care, neonatal care, pediatric and adolescent care, universal immunization services, family planning, contraception, infectious disease management, common and minor ailment care, diabetes and hypertension management, chronic disease management, and oral health care.

Furthermore, free referrals will be given to other hospitals for more serious conditions such as uterine and other types of cancer, eye examinations, and other specialized treatments.

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