CCB requests RFP for 91 mtrs Flag post Buddha statute at Kotekere


In view of various infrastructure development works being taken up in City Corporation Belagavi under various schemes and funds, it is proposed to engage the services of Request for proposal (RFP) for selection of project management consultants project management consultancy (PMC) services for implementation of urban infrastructure works

1) for erection of 91 mtrs high flag post in Kotekere lake

2) for island and erection of big size Buddha statue in Kotekere

Photo: Parag Saraiya

Tenders have also been called for providing project management consultancy (PMC) services for implementation of urban infrastructure works for Island Development, Floating Restaurant & Civic Amenities in Kotekere lake at Belagavi.

Statue Flag can destroy natural habitat of birds on the Island in Fort lake

The small island and the lake itself attracts about 40 species of birds all the year round. But now this natural habitat of the birds on the island in the middle of the lake is endangered with the plan of setting up a Buddha Statue and a huge National Flag on the island.


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  1. How funny, CCB allowed people to encroach vast land of Lake(rumours are ripe that local MLA had an hand for vote bank!) and now asking people opinion on a show-off activity. If CCB is really sincere then start the drive of demolishing the buildings that have encroached the lake!

  2. Not a good idea. CCB should take more interest in developing those areas which do not have proper basic facilities like roads, drainage, parks, etc. This project plan is good but it is being implemented at a wrong place. As mentioned above 40 species of birds would be affected, and we do not support this. CCB please look into this and think in a broader sense!!!!.

  3. we dont need statues! We need better roads, parks, playgrounds, facilities, free wifi , better and cheaper transportation and clean environment!!!!

  4. C c b must concentrate on providing basic infra to the citizens living in suburban areas like vadgavi,khasbag,lurching etc. Vadagavi and khasbag areas are not having gardends and play grounds.
    All the developments are being planned for the areas where rich and affluent people are residents.
    It is time for the corporators of these area wards to apply their thought to get at least a paly ground for above areas.
    Hope c c b responsible officers give a thought to above.


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