CCTV at 20 black spots

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The Belagavi city corporation has identified 20 black spots where garbage is thrown and even after putting up boards nothing much has changed in many places.

To stop this the Belagavi city corporation has identified 20 such black spots in the city and the Belagavi Smart city limited has installed CCTV cameras at those locations.

The direct feed will be visible at the Command and control center.

All those dumping garbage would be fined.

Still this is being implemented and once the work at the command control center is completed employees from the city corporation will be seated at the ICC and they would over look these black spots.


Black spots:

RPD Cross, Dutt Galli Shahpur, Savarkar Road- 1st gate, Ushatai Gogte high school, Sheri Galli – Rajmahal Hotel, Veerbhadra nagar, Dairy Compound, KEB road Azad Nagar, SPM Road, 2nd cross Nehru Nagar, Kaktives road, Kaveri Cold drinks, opp Prakash Cinema, Joshi Mala Corner, Khasbag, Gulmohar colony etc

13 thoughts on “CCTV at 20 black spots”

  1. Sir. Better you supervise Swamy Vivekanand colony Tilkwadi. The garbage box always overflows. The garbage comes on the road and gets blocked in the gutter.

  2. It may be worthwhile to show these “dumpers’ video on all large screens set across city. Name & shame the people who does not have civic sense. Hopefully their guilt will propel to be good citizens.

  3. Needs cleaning up time to time the huge bushes and trees came up for two to three years as safe heaven to regular garbage throwers, open defication and antisocial elements in the cts. No. 10564 A near Veerbgadranagar by using JCB. This matter was brought to the attention of Health Inspector of CCB but all in vein. PH. 9448479251

  4. Resp Sir, Before taking action please make survey weather the authorised contractors person is carrying the waste regularly, because in so many areas no one is responsible person to watch. So no people will keep the waste in their home eventhough they are paying for that no body is giving response..

  5. The dumping of garbage is because corporation has removed big boxes, there is no door to door collection of garbage facilities.So called smart City has become garbage city

  6. Smart city would soon be called Garbage city if the management who is responsible to look into the situation is ignoring environmental consequences we would face!

  7. It’s been 25 years we r staying next to this open plot we lost one child also due to due mosquito bite also. Nobody pays any heed did lot of complaints my grandfather filing complaints since our childhood now we r filing but no body comes and cleans the plot . Plot no 70 ramnagar opp abdalsha mosque

  8. @RC nagar 2 Stage garbage is collected every alternate days and not daily and i hope muncipal authorities want people to store waste at their home so as to develop some disease till they collect it. and even roads are pathetic.
    when the city will become SMART CITY !


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