CCTV helps collect over 2 lakhs in fine

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The initiative of the Traffic police to install CCTVs to curb negligent driving, violation of traffic rules is now gaining good results. Police registered 2,266 cases of violation of traffic rules, imposing fine of Rs 2.27 lakh on the violators.

The installation of the CCTVs has helped bring down accidents and fetched Rs. 1,23,100 as fine in 1,231 cases of violations by two-wheelers in less than a month.

CCTV cam at Chennamma Circle

In the same period, 248 cases were booked against three-wheelers and Rs. 24,800 collected as fines from them.

Also, 787 cases were booked against four-wheelers, and fines totaling Rs. 79,100 collected.

SP Patil has also warned commuters to co-operate with the traffic police in maintaining the traffic discipline, especially in the crowded areas in the city.


7 thoughts on “CCTV helps collect over 2 lakhs in fine”

  1. where the hell is this cctv. i am visiting belgaum after a long time and will be driving along. But as they say old habits dont go fast?

  2. Hi All,

    Let’s appreciate the work done till now. & not crib what they aren’t doing. Please don’t find loop holes in each and every system.

    I do accept that if it’s mistake by the Govt. Car as well then the fine should be imposed & for this i hope upcoming Lokpal Bill will help.

    Have pateince and lets hope for the betterment of the society , sp. our own Belgaum.

  3. its a good development…. Hope to see CCTV monitoring of traffic on all roads & junctions too… Motorists causing hindrances to pedestrians should also be fined… motorists should learn to respect the pedestrians ….. Tats the first step to bring in the discipline in traffic


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