Petrol costs 73.95 per liter

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After the surprising reduction in fuel prices the new rate for Petrol for a liter is now Rs.73.95.
On November 4, 2011 the price after the hike was Rs.76.38, so one gets to save Rs.2.43 per liter. The price reduction was very surprising but welcomed by each one and analysts say this was more of a political decision then an economic one and also it is feared that the prices of LPG could be raised now.

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  1. I am really surprised, what difference does it make? Its the Diesel prices which matters as all transportation depends on it, also its not that people use 100 litres of petrol everyday and its killing their savings! any middle class family would not use more than 25 litres in a month, The more factual part is.. we eat vegetables daily and its prices soars.. doubles and triples, rice and other grains prices sky rocket, but we aren't bothered, we make a hue and cry over 2 rupees increase on petrol that too caused by international prices! Funny but true..


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