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Water supply to Cantonment restored

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After minister ordered for the water supply to be cut to the Cantonment area a compromise was done between the authorities and Cantonment board. Now water supply has been restored. Minister Umesh Katti had ordered the water board to cut water supply sighting non cooperation from teh board towards development works.

Tarun Bharat quotes that CEO of Cantonment said they did not get anything in writing for the development of Khanapur road, they had only received a letter which asked for the removal of the wall of Cantonment office, hence the question of “our non cooperation does not arise”.

2 thoughts on “Water supply to Cantonment restored”

  1. what is this? how can a minister order water cut to the people? if he has problems with cantt admin, he should sort it out like a gentleman with them through official channel. why trouble the people for that? this is goondagiri of the highest order. is he trying to blackmail the cantt admin?


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