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Certified Organic grocery store Organic Virasat

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With the acclivitous liking for organic foods, a number of stores have emerged around the country to offer consumers a taste of healthy and fresh produce. New generation entrepreneurs are looking into such ventures which also offer a sustainable source of income for farmers who practice the organic way of farming.

The city of Belagavi to has one of its own Organic grocery store, named Organic Virasat which sells certified organic commodities, be it food products, cosmetics, home essentials is something that is new to the city of Belagavi. This, more than a commercial store, is a concept store where all the products are organically produced.

They are currently selling products of 30 reputed Indian and MNCs at their store along with locally procured products like fruits, vegetables, Jowar products, local flavored Kadamba products etc.

organic virasat Certified Organic grocery store belagaviorganic virasat Certified Organic grocery store belagaviThey also have a branch in Hubballi and plan to expand in major cities of North Karnataka. The Products are certified as per protocol set by India Organic, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Non-EU agriculture. 

The entire production and processing is supervised by GoI accredited certifying agencies. Our product packaging gives all the details on the label. (Image attached)

What is Organic?

Organic is any product or process or both which is totally free from the use of toxic chemicals. These are very safe products free from residues of pesticides and GMOs. These products are eco-friendly and vegetarian. They are free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

All major diseases inflicting humans are attributed to the use of pesticides and the presence of carcinogenic molecules. These cannot be washed away from foods as these are deeply embedded in the tissues of the foods. Also, cosmetics we use are loaded with heavy metals and artificial colors. For example, a non-organic lipstick has about 300 harmful molecules.

Products: Attas, Pulses, Jaggery, Rice, Miletts, Ready to eat snacks, Ready to cook instant foods, Spices, Cooking oils, Juice, Honey, Jams, Concentrated spices or Masalas, Homecare, Kitchen garden kits for organic cultivation, Sugars, Vegetables, Fruits, Tea & coffee, Green tea,

Wooden combs, Body scrubs/ luffa, Sanitary napkin, Trash bags, Lipstick, Mascara, Sindhoor, Soaps, Essential oils, Shampoo, Hair color, Dish wash, Laundry bar and powder, Rock salt, Desi ghee Many more…

Organic Virasat is dealing with certified organic merchandise. These products are produced, processed and formulated without the use of any chemical. These are cent percent natural and eco-friendly. The entire production is supervised by reputed and GoI approved certification agencies. The certificate complies to Indian, US, and European organic standards.

Such activities and outlets are in metros. Our endeavor is to offer such an exclusive product basket to organic savvy citizens of Belagavi.

Address: Organic Virasat 
# 20, Sarvodaya Marg, Hindwadi, Belagavi. 0831-420 4454

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