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City Corporation many plans on paper only

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This the time for preparation for the Budget for the upcoming year for the Belagavi city corporation, but it is interesting to know that most of the works mentioned in last years budget have not been taken up at all and most plans are on paper only, and it seems the same would be carried forward in this years budget as well.

Sakal daily has elaborated the same in a nice manner and here here some snapshots from the same story.

Property tax target 55 crores – Collected upto now 19 crores

No money spent from fund set aside for honoring state level awarded – Nothing spent

48 lakhs for Mass sterilization for street dogs – Nothing spent

Beautification and Fountains at circles – Not even one circle beautified

40 crores for construction of malls on open spaces – No work commenced

60 lakh for going online for building permission/ birth death certificate – Online process might commence from March 1 2016

Sewage treatment plant – no work taken up

Diesel crematorium at Sadashiv Nagar worth 75 lakhs – no work taken up

1 crore for Solar lighting in Cremation grounds – No lights put up

1 crore for Bus shelter – not used completely

15 lakhs for new cars for Mayor and Dy.Mayor – No cars purchased

450 crore UG drain project – not yet commenced

Swimming pool under 100 crore spl fund – Not yet commenced

Methanisation plant in Udyambag worth 50 lakhs still on paper

Mother Teresa memorial hall 45 lakhs – still on paper

Badminton hall in Ashok Nagar and Stadium at Sardars ground – still on paper

Some projects where work has commenced –

Night shelter at Khasbag
Contractors for work under 3rd special grant of 100 crore fixed

road work on 2nd special grant of 100 crore completed

6 MGD water treatment plant at Basavnkol – work in progress

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