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Going to school with Stunt men – the Autos

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by Sameer Majli and others
These skilled stunt men, like many others in town, managed to grab my irritation. 
The image does not show the fact that the driver had three children with him in the front.

Children stuffed in an auto in Belagavi

One uniformed little girl sitting to his right, a little kid in between his legs and another to his left. 
See the other photo the boy can be easily hit on a narrow road such as the railway over bridge where the said photo has been taken.

Children stuffed in an auto in Belagavi
Such sights are common on the streets of Belagavi and I guess many other places.

What kind of parents send kids to school with this stunt men??!!!!

The overflowing auto with bags dangling on both sides is a threatening sight. The auto is also amongst the most unbalanced vehicles that I know or perceive. One hit from a side is enough to topple the contents. One auto could even climb the over bridge in first gear, it had a hard time and at one moment I thought the kids would get down and give it a push.

While we are talking about helmets and traffic rules as a compulsion, why doesn’t anyone say or do anything about these occurrences?

At the same time forget the drivers, What about the parents who hire these stunt men and their services. Is it really worth the risk? Most if not all of them are the so called well educated folks.
Are we just waiting for an obvious mishap? Should it be so that only death will spur us to action?

4 thoughts on “Going to school with Stunt men – the Autos”

  1. I think helmets are more important to wear than risking the lives of small children. Why are the police mum. Ohh again busy checking with helmets. Also who is the Auto meters are not down yet. Ohh sorry again they are busy with the helmet rule.

  2. arguing with the common man – catch without halment – wrngle with the military person – stand on the other side of No entry area -is the main work of the administration
    forget about the rixa – fare – meter implimentation

  3. I as the principal of JHS has requested many auto walas and parents dont play with life… save a little they are ready to take any risk

  4. these hero rickshawala of school are not only dangers to other people riding on road but to
    little humble childs
    they are risking lives of children
    police shall implement maximum capacity rule immediately for school rickshaws without delay
    thankyou AAB for raising these most critical issue of the time
    please take these further untill maximam capacity is
    rule is estalished


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