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Belgaums organised retail

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By uday

In Belgaum, we are used to going to the markets like Raviwar peth for shopping for food grains, Ganpat Galli for vegetables, Khade bazar(both), Ramdev Galli for clothes, Maruti Galli for the women of Belgaum is a shopping delite and many more places like Bhendi Bazar, maybe to some extent also Deshmukh road and Khanapur Road.

Now the BIG BAZAAR is coming up at Angol Cross, near to Bahai Bhavan on Khanapur Road. The place is almost ready and should start by month end already placements for the same are in progress. The place seems too big according to me for a city like Belgaum.

NEXT, the electronic supermarket will open shortly at Ramdev galli, opposite Ram temple (earlier Adarsha electronics, now closed).

Reliance Fresh is squinting for space and seems to have identified a few but I can’t confirm the places still. Rumors are there that one space on khanapur road opposite to IOC building, not sure.

Harsha, the electronic shop is there on Club Road. Adishwars is at Kolhapur Cross opposite to old Ratna Bajaj.

The most awaited Pyramid mall is getting its shape in the old Kapeel theatre, which is now part of history. The said mall will have 4 screens from Adlabs and 2 floors of shopping space.

Belgaum is now getting the organized retail chain in the city. But the question arising here is there such a huge market in the city. With a population of about 8 lakhs and literally zero floating population when you compare it with Bangalore will these work profitable over a period of time.

I may be wrong, but the thing here is, is there a sustainable marketplace? Undoubtedly Belgaum has been a underdeveloped market no second thoughts on it but still, I think in this manner.

Many say that the regular shop owners in the market are getting afraid of these retails chains, but the truth is even in Bangalore for that matter the malls leaving a few like Forum are not getting the foot falls as they used to get when they started, the hype is gone I would say. And one more thing is that in Belgaum, mainly people from neighboring talukas come for shopping and they by no means would be interested in these malls, as the choice that they want wont be available there, that’s a different market segment which wont get converted.

Anyways this is my first blog, in which I have tried to write what my heart feels no grudges of any sort on anyone just a true feeling……

5 thoughts on “Belgaums organised retail”

  1. It a good start. I Liked the facts in Organised retail activities In Belgaum which makes one to understand the opportunities available for a city which is on a growth phase. Hope to get more inputs on the same lines


    shankar Bhat

  2. Hi ukmad,
    First i congragulate for a new blog on belgaum.
    I belive dat belgaum has the potential to over take Hubli or any other NK districts provided it is well organised.
    Its really gr8 news that some of well known malls are comming up in belgaum and they will exist side by side of our old belgaum markets.
    This will help in reshaping the image of belgaum as one of the best cities in karnataka.
    Dont belive on govt (neither karnataka or maharastra govt will help us). It is the people of belgaum both kannada/marathi who can make belgaum a trully mutli-lingual,multi-cultural place. let the politicians fight in themselves.

  3. Hi…. yes Belgaum can surely take good stride.. but the City of Hubli Dharwad has taken a big lead in Modernization and to catch to that Pace belgaumites need to do more. Better infrastructure will be the key to success. Yes it will be great is we all join hands and make things possible.

  4. yes my friend prassanna, we can the city to new heights if we all hold our hands together,…. most of us are away from belgaum , due to some unavoidable reasons,.. that includes me ,…but still i feel we can add to the development of the city ,…. say, by publishing the potential our belgaum city has in it, its plus points, …no doubt there are still some potholes to be filled up…the belgaum local market what we have is no less comparison to any market in the state (bangalore being an exception).. what we get mangalore, mysore, or hubli-dharwad, we get it here to … let me remind u belgaum has two the coffee cafe-days(again bangalore being an exception), hubli-dharwad together has one.. that shows how much the investors trust belgaum market .. especially the youth ,. little bit of govt support and ofcourse we together can take belgaum to developed stage,,… we are still not far my friends ..


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