Welcome to the Belgaum’s City blog

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By uday

Welcome to the Belgaum’s Blog.

This is the place where you will find latest info as to what is happening in your home town. All those malls opening or it may be the Royesten memorial tournament, I will try and update some important matters here for the city as a whole.

Keep visiting this blog for regular updates and be in touch with your home town.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to the Belgaum’s City blog”

  1. oh great 🙂
    i was waiting for this.. actually, i’m missing the best city of india.. 😉
    i’m now in nagpur and i hope this is going to be the biggest blog 😛

    thanks and keep it upz 😀

  2. hey Mr. Blog Master ,.. how do i post a blog on this site … can others post blogs other than comments … please inform me , i mean us ….

  3. Hi UKMAD can you put some pictures of ganesh fevistal from belgaum, the pandals and ganesh idol pictures from belgaum. I am really missing ganesh festival of belgaum this time as i am in bangalore and could not come to belgaum


  4. Good blog, no doubt. I like the topics you choose to write on. However, you need to work on your language skills. With a little proficiency in English, you can achieve excellent ratings for your blog. Good work; keep it up!

  5. It is not a good idea to list most likely winners of the election. This may create prejudice about the candidates. Perhaps you can give the results of online poll or something.

  6. I have never mentioned any likely winners in the election. I ave mentioned the most likely candidates as still they have to file in the nominations. once that is done, the list will be final candidates list. I dotn want create any prejudice of any sorts, i dont belong to any party. Abt poll one is there others will follow in due course.


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