Buried memories of the last session

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By uday



If, I am correct with my memory it was last year on this very day, which was termed as a historic day for Belgaum. All have buried their memories I believe in the present situation when India has won the T20 world cup, Ganesha has just left yesterday and the election are a couple of days away.

I am talking about the Special Legislature session that was held in the city at the Jirge Hall of JNMC College. The session was held here for 5 days. The aura of glory and festivity then prevailed in the city as trees were planted on the dividers of the roads, street lights were put up new roads were built. But it’s just a year away and nobody even remembers it. I guess only The Hindu has written about it in its paper today.

The foundation stone for the Suwarna vidhan Soudha was put in the last month but nothing has happened after that stone laying ceremony there. Infact I had raised the same question when I started this blog why such a hurry?

When asked a few people around, nobody remembered. They said no doubt one year has passed and the fact that nobody remembers it, by this only you can understand the importance of it. It was a political stunt then and stunts are to be treated as stunts.

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