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For the first time I have seen such hoardings in Belgaum. Tarun Bharat has put them up but I just want to tell you all that this kind of campaigning is being seen for the first time in our city. These pictures are of two hoardings put up in the city may be another few also exist but I came across these and I thought this would be a good thought for all. The first picture is from Tarun Bharat the same hoarding must be put somewhere but I could not locate it. One vote can make a change so come lets vote! As I have already written in my earlier blogs, vote for a candidate not for he being marathi or kannada but for what he would do for you after he or she is elected. Anyways I will surely vote on 28th and if possible will get you some pictures of voting also. So come out and make a change.
Vote for Democracy its your right & duty also. Don’t forget to take anyone identity proof with you while you go for voting any ID proof will do. Use of Voter ID card is not made compulsory so all those who don’t have it (I also don’t have) can also vote in this election.

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