Half BANDH Half Chalu

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By uday

Yes the Bandh call has given a mixed response, but the 100% response is seen in the market place where the people are scarce in number than everyday. All the business men are all using this time to wash and clean their shops for diwali.

rajThe picture is from Katives area where the procession of the Rajostav celebrations is going on. You can see the youth dancing on Kannada songs.

5 thoughts on “Half BANDH Half Chalu”

  1. I do enjoy the regular updates and activity in Belgaum though I left Belgaum in 1973 and my last visit was 5 years ago…your regular updates gets one back into the Belgaum though I am miles away in Canada……


    BEN Canada

  2. Iurge Belgaumites irrespective of language they speak to come unite and fight back the way Belgaum was sam as in peace harmony and co-existance
    like all bus borads use to be in Kannada Marathi and English
    The cros culture was well blended

    Lets bring ti back to the next genration , we can think of United belgaum they ll make and United India, lets sow the good seeds today

  3. Do we need to fight over language. Be marathi or kannada we live in the same city. We have different views and these views will get changed overa period of time.But yes we need to accept as things come


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