Compensation for land acquired for making road at RPD road and Shahpur

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The road next to Chatrapati Shivaji Udyan was undertaken by the Belagavi Smart city last year. As per the court order, official land acquisition proceedings have been initiated and the City corporation will be bound to pay the land charges to the petitioners.

In another incident on RPD college road, the road was widened in 2010 and the court has now asked the City corporation to pay the land acquisition charges for which it has deposited around 47 lakhs in the court after a contempt petition was filed.

The Deputy commissioner has initiated the land acquisition procedure and the proposal has been sent to the Govt for approval.

The same will be repeated for the petitioner near Shivaji Garden. The road was made but no compensation was paid and the land was not acquired as per the law.

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In fact the land acquisition has to happen before the road work begins. Still, in both these cases, the Smart city and City corporation did no pay heed to the rights of the petitioners and now the court has asked them to follow the law and pay the land acquisition charges due to them.

The Sakal has reported that a petitioner has filed a case for damages to the tune of Rs. 23 crores and it seems the City corporation will have to pay the same.

The Belagavi Smart city Ltd is SPV which cant acquire land, the city corporation has to do and then transfer the same to Smart city. But the law wasn’t followed in any of the instances it seems from the court’s orders.

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